Health Effects of Sweeteners

October 15, 2008

Sugar is sweet, but the extra calories it contains are often unwelcome. The calorie-conscious thus turn to artificial sweeteners: Non-nutritive products that contain low or no calories. However, nowadays with rumors swirling about the potential dangers of popular sugar substitutes, choosing a product can be troubling — but not for long.

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5 Timeless Exercises

October 8, 2008

Some exercises never disappear from a proper training protocol. I call them ‘timeless’ because, no matter what new trend enters the workout world, these maneuvers just don’t go out of style. In fact, they are so beneficial that they should always be included in your program, no matter what your goals are. These exercises target many muscles at once and help you get the most bang for your buck when you are training. If you have recently had a workout program set up for you and some of these are not on the list, you need to reevaluate its validity and make some changes to incorporate these five timeless exercises into it.

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New Articles on!

October 7, 2008

We’ve been publishing some great new articles on, from heart rate training to celebrity workouts.  Check them out!

Celebrity Workout: Nelly

Just one look at Grammy Award-winning rapper Nelly and you can tell he?s no stranger to the gym. The definition and muscle size he maintains didn?t happen by accident; they came through dedication to a workout plan.

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Burn Fat with the Karvonen Formula

Fat loss clearly stands out as the chief reason clients enlist my services as a personal trainer. Although many have little or no prior exercise experience, some perform semi-regular cardiovascular exercise and still see no significant changes in their body. If you’re thinking: “You mean to tell me that even if I finally get off my butt and do cardio I still might not lose fat?” I am sorry to break the news to you, but the answer is, yes. The sustained intensity and duration of your cardiovascular activity dictate whether or not you burn fat.

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Roundup fom – 09/17/08

September 17, 2008

Hey guys, here is a little roundup from for 9/17/08.

It’s been a while!

September 10, 2008

Ok, so it certainly has been a long time since we last updated this blog. There have been a LOT of new developments and we will be updating you on our site blog much more frequently.  The latest and greatest, we’ve switched servers!!!  What this means?  The site is totally faster and smoother.

We’ve made some gradual improvements, as you can see with our current way cooler forums.  Also, a great big surprise in the coming weeks as we launch the latest iteration of the site, which will be much sleeker and have lots more useful tools for all you fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts out there.

Until then, keep checking out the site, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and stay tuned!

Britney Spears Cuts Out the Frappuccinos, Gets Fit

August 25, 2008

It’s been nearly a full year since Britney Spears’ physical/musical debacle at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards show. One of the biggest things people were talking about was the terrible shape her body was in.  While it surely wasn’t her pre-motherhood rockin’ bod, we wondered if she really was that fat.

Britney Then

Britney Then

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A Body like an Olympian

August 14, 2008

Getting a body like an Olympic athlete takes a LOT of work. For some, like Michael Phelps, it involves an intake of 12,000 calories a day. But not everybody is a world-class athlete and can afford the time or money it takes to get that shredded on eating…[Read More]