Work Out – Cycle 2 – Reunion! “Jackie gone wild!”

May 16, 2007

It’s not over yet. We have one more week of this show with the reunion! The show was structured around a Q&A format with the host asking Jackie and the gang questions submitted by viewers through the Bravo website.

Q and A session begins

What are those things around the trainers necks? Microphones. Duh.

What’s in the protein shake?  

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Work Out – Cycle 2 – Episode 8 – Recap – “Jackie is very pleased with herself”

May 9, 2007

We pick back up with the trainers grieving Doug’s passing, and decide to have a memorial bike ride in honor of Doug, and Jackie tries to inspire the crew.

The bike ride is significant because Doug was passionate about bike riding, a spin instructor and had participated in numerous benefit bike rides.

The trainers get to the beach and sit around a bonfire reminiscing about Doug and how much he had impacted them. Each of them speak about how caring a person he was, and the legacy he will leave. Peeler reads the group a list of Doug’s “principles to live by” and the trainers feel that they have been able to come to terms with what has happened.

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Work Out – Cycle 2 – Episode 7 – Recap – “Turn ‘em and Burn ‘em”

May 2, 2007

Last week, Jackie resolves to go home to visit her father’s grave and bond with her mom. 

Jackie is talking about going back to Ohio to visit her mom and we revisit Cycle 1 with the issues the 2 have.  Erin will be going with her. Rebecca got dissed?

Jackie is checking up on the trainers at Sky Lab and she tells that Peeler he is in charge when she is gone, in front of Rebecca.  Rebecca was confused. Dissed again. 

Jesse is excited to train a male model, Gage Weston (at Sky Lab or Sky Sport.) Gage says he doesn’t do much cardio and Jesse proclaims that he’s the “cardio king!” He comes off as a different member of royalty.  It turns out that Gage Weston is a male erotic model, and Jesse gets all flustered.  After he gets over being flustered, he goes directly into an awkward groin stretch. 

Rebecca questions why Jackie left Peeler in charge.  Rebecca is a little bit bummed, Jackie explains that she couldn’t because it would look bad.  Guess that’s the reason why don’t date subordinates, because if she should have been left in charge, you just screwed her over.

Jesse is at lunch with Gage and they are talking about his stint in Iraq.  They discussed challenges that gay people had in the military.  Then they move on to discussing how Gage wouldn’t do it again, but Jesse says his brother is proud of having served.

Erin is going with Jackie visit her mom.  Jackie explains how she feels that she is reverting back to childhood as soon as she goes home.

Erin meets Jackie’s family. Jackie’s mom talks about how they used to have a great relationship, how she was sad when Jackie moved to Cali, and how your daughter can be your best friend.  An old picture of Jackie; she used to look like Kristi McNichol.  Now she looks more like Scarlet Johannson.

Peeler is excited that he’s in charge.  He’s checking up on the other trainers.  Erika is a little peeved that Peeler is in charge because last time, she was left in charge, and he was the person who gave her the hardest time.  He says that he enjoys his “reign of power. Terror.

Jackie and Erin make it back to her mom’s house and have breakfast.  Jackie is going to her old school to speak to a bunch of students.  She’s scared, but she doesn’t allow fear to control over her.

The trainers are in Jackie’s office; Peeler is sitting at her desk.  They start talking about their Sky Lab clients.  Andre’s client, Kiki, has been slacking off.  Peeler understands that she has school, but says that everyone can make time.  I know a lot of people who would dispute this.  I guess it maybe depends on how bad you want it. 

Back to Ohio, talking about how the fact that Jackie grew up in Ohio formed her drive.  She admits she was suspended once in high school.  The person who Jackie was in high school was a pretender, an actor. Jackie was a terrible student, but she spent the last 20 years of her life telling people she was an honor student. Hard to keep that lie going when they show your grades on TV.

Peeler is checking in on Doug, how his kidneys are doing.  Doug says that he’ll be out in 2 or 3 days. 

Jackie tells the kids no matter what you do in junior high and high school, you always have the chance to reinvent yourself.  Jackie does the Q & A, the kids ask some easy questions about getting out of Ohio, nothing too upsetting.

Jackie is excited that her mom is around to see the media frenzy around her, and all the kids asking her for her autograph.  It makes you happy to see other people appreciate your child. 

Gregg is in the gym with his client.  In walks in Zen with her new guy Jason to show off.  Gregg thought it was a little bit tacky for her to come in there like that.  Gregg is pretty pissed.  Deep breaths.  Is it just me, or do girls seem to do that a lot.  Think that it is okay to parade the new BF around…

Jackie decides that she wants to visit her dad’s gravesite.  She realizes she never mourned her dad’s passing; she shut down. Erin nods and listens.   It’s always all about Jackie. 

Peeler’s turn to run the boot camp with the Sky Labbers – the top gun workout; he turned ‘em and burned ‘em.  Peeler is loving being in charge.  Peeler’s work outs really look like they kick ass.

Jacke and her mom are at her father’s grave.  Mom explained what the funeral was like.  How now he’s all alone.  Of course, Jackie brings it back to how she hopes that she has people to visit her. 

This does turn out to be a bonding moment for Jackie and Mom, as Jackie understands her a little bit better and sees how they are more similar than she thought.  Mom explains that it could have been a stressful pregnancy that contributed to Jackie being a lesbian.  This impresses Jackie that her mom admits she could have been born this way. 

It’s the next morning – Jackie has revisited her childhood, her high school, her dad’s grave, feels like she has matured 10 years.  She has another 10 years to go for her mentality to catch up with her real age.  That’s not bad, I think I have 11 years to go.   She says goodbye to her mom and heads to the airport.

Back at the gym and Peeler hangs up the phone, looking pretty forlorn.  The gang has the Sky Lab meeting, and Peeler breaks down and starts explaining how Doug is really sick; his infection has returned, is in ICU, and probably won’t make it.  Peeler completely loses it and says nothing matters; all the trainers start breaking down. 


April 26, 2007

Okay, that is a terrible portmanteau for the words “trainer” and “therapist,” but I am sure it’s straightforward.  This idea of a trainer being a therapist has been something that I have often thought about, as someone who has used a few trainer, not to mention many, many coaches since elementary school.

The coach aspect is slightly different, because you are performing for them and they have more at stake.  For example, if it were the coach of my team, they get a W or L just like I would.  If it was a coach I was using on the side, too many L’s means I get rid of him.  With a coach, therefore, one would assume there would be an involved level of “therapy” or “mental/emotional” coaching; anything to get the W. 

With a personal trainer, though, things are a bit different.  People hire personal trainers to achieve physical goals.  Sure, getting stronger may not necessarily get you a W, but at least you got stronger, and that is why you hired the trainer.  Is the line between personal trainer and therapist one that shouldn’t be crossed? 

Training Wheels touched on this when he mentioned how some of his clients, uhm, go a little far with text messaging him.  Now, that is a line that probably shouldn’t be crossed.  I guess it depends on the people involved and the situation.

In any case, does being a therapist mean someone will be a better trainer.  On some level, yes, but in general, I really would have to say no.  Some of the best trainers, the most motivating and knowledgeable, might just not be the best listeners or “therapists.”  If anything, I would think the notion of a trainer being a therapist would be somewhat antithetical.  I use a trainer to push me, motivate me, and be tough on me, not baby me like a therapist would.  Then again, people don’t hire trainers for therapy, right?

Of course, in this season of Work Out, Jackie Warner launches the “brand extension,” Sky Lab, with the intention of having her trainers act like therapists for their clients.  Now, for sure these clients need both trainers and therapists.  It certainly helps that these trainers can serve the role of a therapist as well, since the Sky Lab clients have pretty much proved they have deep rooted issues that go beyond pure fitness and healthy eating deficiencies. 

Clearly, being a “therapist” for a client might help in your training sessions, but I wouldn’t say it is the be all, end all. It depends on your client’s needs (and some clients sure are needy!).  But, if a client really “needs” someone to listen to their problems, maybe they should find better friends or buy therapy sessions instead. 

Work Out – Cycle 2 – Episode 5 – Recap – “You’re the poster girl for drama! You’re the poster girl for hooker!”

April 18, 2007

Last week, the group finds out about Doug’s illness. Rebecca has no problem with Jesse, “except he’s schizophrenic.”

We start off the show with Peeler blowing off steam as he is pretty upset about what’s happened to Doug, and how much he means to him.  Doug has helped mold him, and he’s glad that he’s getting better.

Sky Lab is Jackie’s biggest challenge and the trainers are distracted.  Peeler mentions that his client has been away 18 days.  Jackie is upset that the trainers are not training with the Sky Labbers enough.  She thinks that the trainers are lying, so she does some fact checking with the clients.  Jackie is pissed at both the trainers and the clients.

After the phone calls, she goes to cool off out of the gym.  Jackie went to do yoga with Dhyana, a yoga instructor.  She couldn’t concentrate because of all the stimuli around her.  You know, the fish, birds, fountains, and Dhyana. 

Yoga is just not for Jackie.  She couldn’t look within to find her quiet place because of Sky Lab. Jackie is still fired up after yoga, and says that there will be boot camp in the morning.

Jackie runs the boot camp and is an unforgiving hardass on the Sky Labbers.  They aren’t getting in enough of their sessions, and the trainers are 50% to blame.  Time for a weigh in. half way through the Sky Lab program. 

Rita gained 6 pounds

Kiki gained 6 pounds

Carol lost 1.5 pounds

Dina lost 1 pound

Amy lost 2 pounds

Tess gained 15 pounds – she breaks down.  This freaks Jackie out.  Guess who’s to blame!?  Her trainer, Gregg! 

 It’s just as important that the diet is as well thought out as their workouts. Jackie reads their eating diaries and doesn’t believe them. 

Tess admits to cheating over New Year’s Eve.  She asks, how many people gain 15 pounds in a month?  Gregg says that she is reshaping her body, and that she is gaining muscle and this contributed to her weight gain.  15 pounds of muscle in a month. Wow.

Gregg questions the decision for the weigh in at this point because the Sky Labbers are lifting.  Jackie says that her trainers have to do it her way or things just aren’t going to work.  She “almost fired” Peeler in Cycle 1 because of a difference in training philosophies. 


Jackie has a trainer meeting to get them back into the game and hear her message.  She explains what happened with the Sky Lab clients, and how Tess is destroyed.  Jackie explains that there are no excuses for the clients, so there will be no excuses for the trainers,

Rebecca says that they needed to hear that to kick it into gear. 

Jackie decides to organize a retreat with the Sky Lab clients and the trainers.  When she asks them to bring it to the table, they do, so Jackie is confident.

Laurie, Doug’s former trainee, is now training with Jackie, who Laurie says is tough (no doubt).  Jackie says Laurie brings a lot of “therapy” into the session. 

Rebecca and Jackie go out on a romantic date, and start talking about acronyms.  I think they are a little confused and Jackie asks, is it anachronism?  In any case, Rebecca is DFW, Down For Anything. Gee, there’s a shocker.

Rebecca starts pumping Jackie for Tiffany info.  Though she keeps maintaining that she is not possessive.  Jackie says they can go back to her place and have some dessert there. Pimp!

For some odd reason, we cut back to the gym for a 30 second scene with Zen’s client Carol, who comes 56 miles to see her.  They see each other minimum 5x a week.  Food, shopping, and snowboarding are Carol’s favorite things. 

Jackie and Rebecca are back at her place, and are actually having fondue with sugar free chocolate.  Rebecca starts talking about how things just are not that romantic.  The smoke alarm goes off, as obviously neither of them is very good at making fondue. 

They grab some champagne and move to the couch, but before they sit, they compare heights, and Jackie says, you’re almost as tall as me. Rebecca says “I can go down,” Jackie says, “those are the magic words.”  The two head to bed to “watch a movie.  Rebecca says it was time to take the relationship to the next level, since up until now, sexual attraction with Jackie has been like French Fries, compared to sexual attraction with men, which has been like steak.  French Fries, Steak, Fondue. Damn I’m hungry now.


Jackie is surprising the trainers with a retreat to Lake Arrowhead, and surprise, the Sky Lab clients are coming too.  The gang is in the van and talking about Doug and how he is doing.

Rebecca feels Jackie up.  Some mad tension between Jackie, Rebecca and Jesse in the van. Things are going to heat up!

Jackie decides to take the group ice skating.  Peeler proclaims he is the champion of falling down.  Erika, on camera, starts laughing that Jackie fell down and almost broke something.  She seemed to think that it was really funny.  Must be pent up resentment since she was Jackie’s pet two trainers ago.

Ericka, Peeler, and Jesse are at the bar and gossiping about Jackie and Rebecca when Rebecca walks in and hears.  She and Jesse exchange a few words, nothing too serious. 

We move to the dinner table, where Jesse accuses Rebecca of taking advantage of Jackie’s vulnerability, and that she is taking advantage to advance her career.  Peeler tries to tell them to calm down. There Peeler goes being all mature again.  Rebecca calls Jesse a poster girl for drama.  He calls her a poster girl for hooker, and a slut.  Rebecca throws a glass or water all over Jesse.  This has got to be one of the funniest catfights ever!

Neither of them will leave.  Jackie arrives at dinner.  Jesse and Rebecca both tattle on each other. 

After dinner, Rebecca came back up with Jackie to her room.  Jackie tells Rebecca that she won’t let Jesse get away with it. 


At breakfast the next day Tiffany calls Jackie.   Rebecca gets all bothered by the phone call. Jackie talks about how difficult it is juggling her girls. She’s a player, looks like she is doing a banging job.

The clients arrive and go for a snow walk with their trainers. . 

Next we are at the lodge and Jackie brings in a therapist to talk with the trainers and clients about eating disorders.  She wants to discuss why people use food for emotional reasons. 

The therapist says that people with eating disorders often are kind, caring people when it comes to others, but not so with themselves.  They need to start looking at themselves like they would someone else, to treat themselves better. 

Carol tells her story, cries.  Tess tells her story, cries. She lost her job and then her brother sort of disowned her. Wow that is pretty whack.


Laurie tells her story, cries.  She’s always been the fat girl. Her dad committed suicide.  All these things have contributed to her using food for emotional reasons.  Jackie confides that her dad committed suicide also.  All the trainers are moved to tears. 

Next Week

Jackie starts flipping out about her clothing line. 

Work Out – Cycle 2 – Episode 4 – Recap – “Are we talking furniture, or are we talking sex?”

April 11, 2007

Last week, we left off with the Work Out crew at Sushi Dan. Rebecca and Jackie had just “come out” to the group, and the sh*t was hitting the fan.

We pick back up with Jackie and Rebecca making out. Jesse is commenting on how grossed out he is by the whole thing. Jesse decides to take off, as he was super upset that he didn’t know anything about this.

Erika comes to Jesse’s defense, and says that he is sensitive, while Rebecca tells the camera that he needs to suck it up, in not so many words.

Brian explains why Jesse was upset. Jackie points out that Jesse has always had a problem with Rebecca. I never picked up on that before.

Peeler comments that they aren’t judging, and they are just having a hard time absorbing it all. He compares it to coming home and finding the furniture rearranged. Jackie’s response? “Furniture, I thought we were talking about sex.” Is it just me, or does Peeler get unfair crap most of the time? He usually is on point.

Tiffany walks in to the restaurant, and plants one on Jackie. Oh snap, catfight on tap. Tiffany scoots in next to Jackie. Rebecca asks Tiffany to move so she isn’t so squished. At this point, Jackie starts ignoring Rebecca and only plays with Tiffany. Rebecca is clearly super jealous at this point, especially when Jackie tells her to stop eating off of her plate. Ouch!

Erika says its time to go because she feels that Rebecca must be uncomfortable. Nice of her, considering that she is supposed to be “the bitch.” They all get ready to go except for Jackie and Rebecca. Andre makes some comments that offend Jackie, who says it’s because he is jealous, since Rebecca and Tiffany are supposedly heterosexual, but she can get in their pants and he can’t. When they leave, Andre says to Zen, “are you gonna be next?” That is what I said last week when Zen was in her nightie.

Jackie and Tiffany are talking first about Andre and then Rebecca. We find out that Jackie and Tiffany had had a hot, torrid affair for 5 months (this was while Jackie was with Mimi). In Episode 2 they had mentioned dating, but never said it was for that long.

Jackie says that Tiffany has gotten much better at sex, (Let’s guess what’s for dessert). and that she has changed; she is more masculine, and Jackie digs that. She also claims that she is normally such a sexual aggressor and now Tiffany is stepping it up a bit more.

Yes, they go back to Jackie’s drink champagne, make out on the couch, and then Jackie suggests they go to her bed. Damn Jackie got serious game!


Jackie is in therapy, talking about how she feels in control and over Mimi. Dr. Sheryl prompts her to talk about her current dating life. Jackie says she is dating two people right now. Dr. Sheryl points out that both people Jackie is dating should know. Jackie owns up about dating one of her trainers, and seems to not need to talk about it that much, and acts like everything she is doing is completely on the up and up.

Meanwhile, the guys are talking about Jackie and Rebecca and the sushi night. Gregg points out that probably the worst thing was how Tiffany came to meet them while Jackie and Rebecca had just started defending their “love” for each other to the gang.

Jesse and Jackie start talking in her office. Jesse says that she can’t make out in public bathrooms anymore. Jackie counters that all the guys had too many problems, especially Andre. Jesse says that lesbians can’t casually date.

We jump to Peeler and Andre talking about the situation and how it isn’t ethical for the boss to date one of the employees.

Jackie tells the camera that trainers date trainers, trainers date clients, so why can’t she date who she wants. Methinks Jackie doth protest too much.

Jackie walks in on Peeler and Andre, and starts discussing the issue with them. Andre owns up to being jealous, and they have a lighthearted conversation. Doug points out this is just “gym drama,” ending the issue, for now. Jackie says that in her pool, her fish are hotter and she will always get them more easily than Andre will. That is because Jackie is a man-eating, no, woman-eating shark, and she will prey upon all the impressionable, curious, heterosexual chicks out there. successful, attractive woman.

Peeler is working out with his client, Floyd, at Sky Lab. We then find out that Doug’s birthday is the next day, and once you hit 40, you really feel it (he’s turning 44).

Cheo, Doug’s ex-partner is back at the gym to work out with Doug. He had kidney failure and needs to get in shape before his transplant. Some sappy stuff between Doug and Cheo. Where did it go wrong, etc. Sorry, not much detail here.

Creepily and ominously, Cheo tells the camera that Doug Blasdell’s parents didn’t live past 43, and that is Doug’s age now.


Rebecca walks in to Jackie’s office and asks about Tiffany; she says that Jackie omits details. Jackie claims that she feels bad that she might have inadvertently hurt Rebecca’s feelings. Rebecca claims that she doesn’t really feel jealous, but Jackie sees through it. They make plans to hang out on Thursday night. (Will Jackie flake on Rebecca?)

Jesse comes up to Rebecca and says that some of his clients are lesbians (he has the Sky Lab lesbian couple as clients), and that she shouldn’t casually date one of them. Rebecca finds this inappropriate, I find it hysterical. Jesse then goes to train his clients (they really are lesbians) and refers to himself as the “lesbian whisperer.”

We go to Doug’s 44th party, a joint party with Erika (don’t know how old she is). Rebecca comes dressed up, but without any underwear. Jackie calls it “understated sexiness,” and that she taught Rebecca everything she knows. Erika shows up late, to her own party, which was low key, not like their last outings. Very slow, makes me want to drink, heavily, for them.


Andre is working out with his client Kiki. She’s doing well, but just has a problem with Jackie’s meal plan. She ate two Eggo waffles instead of Jackie’s morning protein shake. (Which is a delicious concotion of whey protein, liquid amino acids, Mega Green powder, Flax seed oil, mixed berries, and milk).

Doug is with his friend Cheo a the hospital. We get to see some medical procedure that I won’t go into detail about. Arteries, blood, needles, oh my!

Doug is sitting through the procedure, and starts looking woozy, dizzy. Cheo says he is dehydrated.

We cut back to Sky Sport and Spa, and Erika walks in to train a client, and tells Rebecca that the crack is back (Crack is Whack!!) Erika’s client is Megan, who wants to fit in a dress by the Oscars. Erika is training her and tells her that consistency is key, and that she is doing a workout (peripheral heart action) that quickly shifts the focus between the upper and lower body. Would be interesting to learn more about this type of workout. I think it keeps your heart rate consistent while working out different parts of the body.

Jackie hasn’t seen Doug since his birthday party. The trainers are standing around and realize that nobody has seen him.


Doug hasn’t trained anyone at Sky Sport for a week, and none of the trainers have seen him since the party. Jackie gets a call from Cheo. She feels numb, wants to walk away, but she can’t because she has to stay strong for her trainers.

The trainers gather, and Jackie informs them that right around his birthday, Doug got a really bad flu. He was so dehydrated that his kidney shut down. The doctors put him into a drug induced coma, and he developed a really bad infection. However, he is out of the coma and recovering. At this point, Jackie is saying that she thinks he will be out of the hospital in a week or two.

Next week. Another team building session, with Rebecca throwing a glass of water at Jesse. I guess there really is tension between them. Drama!

Work Out – Cycle 2 – Episode 3 – Recap – “What’s going on between Jackie and Rebecca?”

April 4, 2007

Show kicks off with clips from last week, and Rebecca and Jackie. Andre points out that he “notice[s] something is going between Rebecca and Jackie.”

Peeler is explaining to Doug what happened the night before, since he looks up to him as a father figure. Peeler tells him about his anger management problems as a youngster, and the night before brought everything back. Peeler used to say that he and Jackie were a lot alike, but he realizes that they aren’t, he is way too emotional.

Peeler approaches Jackie to discuss the night before. They sort of make up and agree to move on. No HDA yet.

Sky Lab clients meet for a bootcamp. Not quite the bootcamp from episode one, but these people wouldn’t be Sky Lab clients if they could do that bootcamp.

Jackie gets upset when one client, Lori, gives up on a bridge with two seconds to go. She feels that Doug is the perfect match for Lori since he is like a therapist. Jackie tells the clients to “feel free to jump on then treadmill” after they finish the bootcamp.

Tess is working out with Gregg, they talk about how difficult it is to rehabilitate from a knee injury. Gregg says it is “going to be fascinating to watch her grow.”

Rebecca and Jackie are hanging out at her place. Jackie puts her foot up on her and asks her to take her shoe off. Rebecca decides she likes the champagne that she is drinking, which is dry, and what Rebecca hates dry, normally. Jackie implies that Rebecca is changing her tastes. Wink wink.

They decide to wash Jackie’s stinky dogs. I think they are about to get wet.

We are back at the gym with Zen and Gregg. Gregg asks her to come with him somewhere this week. Zen gets giddy, and thinks he is asking him on a date. It turns out, it is a date, a court date. Apparently, some Asians showed up at a house party (damn those Asians!), and Gregg got into it with one of them.

He isn’t going to court with a lawyer, but wants Zen to come for moral support. Zen realizes that Gregg is not making a logical decision by assuming that he is going to win since the other guy “looks worse.” (Because you hit him). The other guy called him a derogatory name, but Gregg did resort to physical violence, which Zen explains to him, is something he should be concerned about.


Jackie is back at therapy, and explains to her therapist that she is 100% done with Mimi (Yay!). Jackie now knows better what she wants. The therapist suggests Jackie get social, so she plans a slumber party. (HLA coming up!!)

Lori shows up to work out with Doug, who wants to help her enjoy working out. Lori’s goal is to be living a healthy life by the time she turns 30. Her ideal goal is to lose 110 pounds. She remembers how her dad would tell her that no man wants to marry a fat girl, and this was when she was 6 years old. Lori starts tearing up while she is talking to Doug. Lori is excited about working out with Doug and motivated.

Zen is also a comedian (who knew). She is going to be performing stand up at the Laugh Factory and is telling her fellow trainers about her show.

Jackie invites Jessie into her office to discuss the diet for Sky Lab. Jessie is a chef and is going to be in charge of wonderful lean organic meals for the Sky Lab clients.

Tiffany, a girl that Jackie dated on a break with Mimi a few years earlier, stops by. Jackie is optimistic about what could happen with Tiffany.

The two go to the batting cages on a date. Jackie wasn’t doing too well, while Tiffany was on the outside of the cage cheerleading. Jackie gets flustered and explains that she hates sucking on at things. Tiffany, on the other hand, seemed to have no problem handling the balls. After all, Jackie was the only woman she had ever been with.

Gregg is on his way to court alone.


Sky Lab clients are having a crash course in healthy cooking with Jesse. The Jackie breakfast is a protein shake every morning of mixed frozen berries, mega green powder, flax seed oil, liquid amino acids and whey protein. MMMM

Slumber party time! Rebecca walks out in a racy, see through nightgown that her grandma used to wear. (I hope a long, long time ago).

A woman shows up for a sex thing where she shows them lotions, gels, toys. Jackie says that Rebecca is on her team, and Rebecca says that she is on the fence. Zen tries on a very short nighty, and Jackie comments that she is seeing Zen in a whole new light. (Is Zen gonna be next?).

Uhm, Jackie and Rebecca go into the bathroom to rub some lotion on their unmentionables. Erika doesn’t know what’s going on between Jackie and Rebecca.


Zen and Gregg have an awkward talk about his court case. He won, most of the charges were dismissed, but he did get a hit for disturbing the peace.

Zen is performing at the Laugh Factory, and picks on the rest of our crew. As exciting as Zen’s performance was, all the trainers began to notice just how close Jackie and Rebecca are. Erika still doesn’t know what’s going on between Jackie and Rebecca.

After the show, the group goes to a Japanese restaurant. [Borderline HDA but not really] The trainers call Jackie and Rebecca out on what is going on between them and how they seem to be acting like girlfriends. Jesse leads the onslaught of questioning the two lady lovers. Jackie and Rebecca think it is a jealousy issue. Erika still doesn’t know what’s going on between Jackie and Rebecca.


Jackie and Rebecca have walked away from the table. Jackie didn’t realize that the rest of the group was going to flip out so hardcore. Their issue is largely that it would be unprofessional since Jackie is the boss.

Rebecca and Jackie start making out. Zen goes over and sees them, when they start going full on.