Supersizing Subway

July 9, 2007

Subway is clearly positioned as the “healthy alternative” to typical fast food fare such as McDonalds or Burger King.  Yes, I am going to reuse this clip:

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Another weight loss miracle!

June 14, 2007

Hardly. While alli hit the market yesterday, Zimulti, another weight loss drug, suffered a set back. A preliminary FDA panel unanimously rejected this new weight loss pill, citing that there is not enough evidence to support the safety of the drug.

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Alli is here, bring on the diapers!

June 13, 2007

So today is the day, alli (Xenical) goes OTC. Even early this week, I had stopped by a few pharmacies, and saw boxes of alli just waiting to be sold. At face value, one might think, okay, well the notion of health and fitness is going to go to hell in a handbasket. People will just use the pill as a substitute for proper eating and exercise.

You know what, I bet a lot will. But, they need to be aware of the consequences: the oily discharge, loose stools, etc.

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Work Out – Cycle 2 – Episode 8 – Recap – “Jackie is very pleased with herself”

May 9, 2007

We pick back up with the trainers grieving Doug’s passing, and decide to have a memorial bike ride in honor of Doug, and Jackie tries to inspire the crew.

The bike ride is significant because Doug was passionate about bike riding, a spin instructor and had participated in numerous benefit bike rides.

The trainers get to the beach and sit around a bonfire reminiscing about Doug and how much he had impacted them. Each of them speak about how caring a person he was, and the legacy he will leave. Peeler reads the group a list of Doug’s “principles to live by” and the trainers feel that they have been able to come to terms with what has happened.

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Coffee, coffee, coffee!!!

May 8, 2007

It’s 5:30AM, and I am sitting at my desk with a cup of coffee, home brewed. If it weren’t for this cup of coffee, I would still be in bed. Sure, no matter how many times I hit snooze on the alarm clock (and subsequently pissed the neighbors off), I need the kick of some serious caffeine to get me going, like a lot of people. Still, there seems to be an almost stigma associated with drinking coffee (or other caffeinated drinks), and it’s effects on exercise.

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The Spot Training Myth

May 1, 2007

About a month ago, I posted about how my friend Priscilla wanted to lose weight before she went away to Thailand.   Let me apologize to her first, for using the name Priscilla as her pseudonym, and explain that she is NOT prissy by any means.  However, in spite of her probably wanting to kill me after I mention her again in a posting, I really do have to mention her warped sense of health and fitness, which is certainly probably shared by at least a few other people.

Let me share an excerpt from an IM conversation we had a few weeks ago. (OMG, she is going to KILL ME; good thing she’s still in Thailand).

Priscilla55: so my friend at work told me

Priscilla55: i should do sit ups with a bar

Priscilla55: then ill have abs of steel

FitFiend: so why did your friend tell you that?

Priscilla55: i asked him if i lost weight

Priscilla55: and how i can lose weight in my abdomen

FitFiend: and what did he say?

Priscilla55: he said to use a bar

Priscilla55: and do sit ups

Priscilla55: and the oblique table

FitFiend: holding a bar above your head while you do sit ups will make you lose weight in your abdomen?

Priscilla55: sets and do them fast

Priscilla55: i think that is what i understood

FitFiend: uhm, it doesn’t sound like you did understand

FitFiend: how are his abs?

Priscilla55: solid

Priscilla55: he doesn’t eat any junk

Priscilla55: like tuna

Priscilla55: eggs

Priscilla55: wheat bread if that

FitFiend: that how you have to be

Priscilla55: he’s one of those neckless guys

Priscilla55: he wants to be big

Priscilla55: no i want a neck

Priscilla55: and i don’t want to be big

Priscilla55: i don’t care for muscle

Priscilla55: i just don’t want to jiggle

FitFiend: part of toning down is getting some muscle

FitFiend: you should do sculpt classes

Priscilla55: my friend said

Priscilla55: i have to give up chips too

Priscilla55: not just ice cream

FitFiend: you didn’t say chips before!

Priscilla55: i cant give up soo many things ok

FitFiend: you have to give up your crap snacks

Priscilla55: all at once

FitFiend: you can do it for like 2 weeks.


Now, in Priscilla’s defense, she is by no means very jiggly, and probably weighs in at the low end of what might be considered optimal for a chick at 5’4, but, she feels the need to reconstitute her body. 

Unfortunately, this is something that can only be done by exercise and healthy eating habits, not one or the other.  What Priscilla was describing, by talking about getting a solid stomach by doing ab exercises, and well, nothing else, is spot training.  I would think that most people realize that spot training does not work, but a small number of “newbies” probably think that it will lead to results; it won’t.

In a vacuum, all the crunches in the world will not melt away the fat around your tummy.  If anything, doing a lot of ab training will serve to build the muscle of your abs, and which might even make your stomach look bigger if you aren’t doing anything to lower your body fat (like cardio and a caloric deficit).

Now, I say that Priscilla has a warped outlook on health and fitness because she believes in spot training and also, doesn’t really believe she needs to eat properly.  She actually went into greater detail about what exactly she eats everyday, which is simply pretty bad; snacking (on crap) all day.  This is certainly not something that will help her get that tone body she wants. 

Her takeaway from the conversation with her friend was that she could eat all the crap she wanted, do those ab exercises, and get a tone stomach.  Only if she wanted to get big and muscle-y does she need to eat properly.  Still, she has only recently made the commitment to leading a healthier lifestyle, and I’m sure will be able to incorporate a healthier, more sensible outlook on her own fitness.  As I’ve said before, start small because trying to make an overnight transformation will probably lead to a quicker failure. 

Work Out – Cycle 2 – Episode 4 – Recap – “Are we talking furniture, or are we talking sex?”

April 11, 2007

Last week, we left off with the Work Out crew at Sushi Dan. Rebecca and Jackie had just “come out” to the group, and the sh*t was hitting the fan.

We pick back up with Jackie and Rebecca making out. Jesse is commenting on how grossed out he is by the whole thing. Jesse decides to take off, as he was super upset that he didn’t know anything about this.

Erika comes to Jesse’s defense, and says that he is sensitive, while Rebecca tells the camera that he needs to suck it up, in not so many words.

Brian explains why Jesse was upset. Jackie points out that Jesse has always had a problem with Rebecca. I never picked up on that before.

Peeler comments that they aren’t judging, and they are just having a hard time absorbing it all. He compares it to coming home and finding the furniture rearranged. Jackie’s response? “Furniture, I thought we were talking about sex.” Is it just me, or does Peeler get unfair crap most of the time? He usually is on point.

Tiffany walks in to the restaurant, and plants one on Jackie. Oh snap, catfight on tap. Tiffany scoots in next to Jackie. Rebecca asks Tiffany to move so she isn’t so squished. At this point, Jackie starts ignoring Rebecca and only plays with Tiffany. Rebecca is clearly super jealous at this point, especially when Jackie tells her to stop eating off of her plate. Ouch!

Erika says its time to go because she feels that Rebecca must be uncomfortable. Nice of her, considering that she is supposed to be “the bitch.” They all get ready to go except for Jackie and Rebecca. Andre makes some comments that offend Jackie, who says it’s because he is jealous, since Rebecca and Tiffany are supposedly heterosexual, but she can get in their pants and he can’t. When they leave, Andre says to Zen, “are you gonna be next?” That is what I said last week when Zen was in her nightie.

Jackie and Tiffany are talking first about Andre and then Rebecca. We find out that Jackie and Tiffany had had a hot, torrid affair for 5 months (this was while Jackie was with Mimi). In Episode 2 they had mentioned dating, but never said it was for that long.

Jackie says that Tiffany has gotten much better at sex, (Let’s guess what’s for dessert). and that she has changed; she is more masculine, and Jackie digs that. She also claims that she is normally such a sexual aggressor and now Tiffany is stepping it up a bit more.

Yes, they go back to Jackie’s drink champagne, make out on the couch, and then Jackie suggests they go to her bed. Damn Jackie got serious game!


Jackie is in therapy, talking about how she feels in control and over Mimi. Dr. Sheryl prompts her to talk about her current dating life. Jackie says she is dating two people right now. Dr. Sheryl points out that both people Jackie is dating should know. Jackie owns up about dating one of her trainers, and seems to not need to talk about it that much, and acts like everything she is doing is completely on the up and up.

Meanwhile, the guys are talking about Jackie and Rebecca and the sushi night. Gregg points out that probably the worst thing was how Tiffany came to meet them while Jackie and Rebecca had just started defending their “love” for each other to the gang.

Jesse and Jackie start talking in her office. Jesse says that she can’t make out in public bathrooms anymore. Jackie counters that all the guys had too many problems, especially Andre. Jesse says that lesbians can’t casually date.

We jump to Peeler and Andre talking about the situation and how it isn’t ethical for the boss to date one of the employees.

Jackie tells the camera that trainers date trainers, trainers date clients, so why can’t she date who she wants. Methinks Jackie doth protest too much.

Jackie walks in on Peeler and Andre, and starts discussing the issue with them. Andre owns up to being jealous, and they have a lighthearted conversation. Doug points out this is just “gym drama,” ending the issue, for now. Jackie says that in her pool, her fish are hotter and she will always get them more easily than Andre will. That is because Jackie is a man-eating, no, woman-eating shark, and she will prey upon all the impressionable, curious, heterosexual chicks out there. successful, attractive woman.

Peeler is working out with his client, Floyd, at Sky Lab. We then find out that Doug’s birthday is the next day, and once you hit 40, you really feel it (he’s turning 44).

Cheo, Doug’s ex-partner is back at the gym to work out with Doug. He had kidney failure and needs to get in shape before his transplant. Some sappy stuff between Doug and Cheo. Where did it go wrong, etc. Sorry, not much detail here.

Creepily and ominously, Cheo tells the camera that Doug Blasdell’s parents didn’t live past 43, and that is Doug’s age now.


Rebecca walks in to Jackie’s office and asks about Tiffany; she says that Jackie omits details. Jackie claims that she feels bad that she might have inadvertently hurt Rebecca’s feelings. Rebecca claims that she doesn’t really feel jealous, but Jackie sees through it. They make plans to hang out on Thursday night. (Will Jackie flake on Rebecca?)

Jesse comes up to Rebecca and says that some of his clients are lesbians (he has the Sky Lab lesbian couple as clients), and that she shouldn’t casually date one of them. Rebecca finds this inappropriate, I find it hysterical. Jesse then goes to train his clients (they really are lesbians) and refers to himself as the “lesbian whisperer.”

We go to Doug’s 44th party, a joint party with Erika (don’t know how old she is). Rebecca comes dressed up, but without any underwear. Jackie calls it “understated sexiness,” and that she taught Rebecca everything she knows. Erika shows up late, to her own party, which was low key, not like their last outings. Very slow, makes me want to drink, heavily, for them.


Andre is working out with his client Kiki. She’s doing well, but just has a problem with Jackie’s meal plan. She ate two Eggo waffles instead of Jackie’s morning protein shake. (Which is a delicious concotion of whey protein, liquid amino acids, Mega Green powder, Flax seed oil, mixed berries, and milk).

Doug is with his friend Cheo a the hospital. We get to see some medical procedure that I won’t go into detail about. Arteries, blood, needles, oh my!

Doug is sitting through the procedure, and starts looking woozy, dizzy. Cheo says he is dehydrated.

We cut back to Sky Sport and Spa, and Erika walks in to train a client, and tells Rebecca that the crack is back (Crack is Whack!!) Erika’s client is Megan, who wants to fit in a dress by the Oscars. Erika is training her and tells her that consistency is key, and that she is doing a workout (peripheral heart action) that quickly shifts the focus between the upper and lower body. Would be interesting to learn more about this type of workout. I think it keeps your heart rate consistent while working out different parts of the body.

Jackie hasn’t seen Doug since his birthday party. The trainers are standing around and realize that nobody has seen him.


Doug hasn’t trained anyone at Sky Sport for a week, and none of the trainers have seen him since the party. Jackie gets a call from Cheo. She feels numb, wants to walk away, but she can’t because she has to stay strong for her trainers.

The trainers gather, and Jackie informs them that right around his birthday, Doug got a really bad flu. He was so dehydrated that his kidney shut down. The doctors put him into a drug induced coma, and he developed a really bad infection. However, he is out of the coma and recovering. At this point, Jackie is saying that she thinks he will be out of the hospital in a week or two.

Next week. Another team building session, with Rebecca throwing a glass of water at Jesse. I guess there really is tension between them. Drama!