The Sweet Leaf

July 24, 2007

A new sugar substitute may be making an impact in the EU and US soon, if Coca-Cola and Cargill have their way.  Stevia, a little green herb indigenous to South America and widely used in Asia, is now being developed for mass consumption, under the brand name, Rebiana.

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Diet soda is just as bad for you as regular soda?

July 24, 2007

Diet soda is just as bad for you as regular soda is. According to a BU Medical School study, “People who drank one or more diet sodas each day developed the same risks for heart disease as those who downed sugary regular soda, a large but inconclusive study found. The results surprised the researchers who expected to see a difference between regular and diet soda drinkers.”

Could this be possible? Other studies indicate that there is a very high correlation between being overwewight and drinking diet soda.

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Starting ’em young

July 18, 2007

The AP recently ran a report on one of the first gyms specifically for teenagers in the US, Overtime Fitness.   Considering that 1 out of 3 children, ages 6-19 is either overweight or at a risk of being overweight, a fitness facility targeted at a younger age group.

As the AP reports, the gym focuses on attracting teenagers and showing them how to exercise properly.

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Supersizing Subway

July 9, 2007

Subway is clearly positioned as the “healthy alternative” to typical fast food fare such as McDonalds or Burger King.  Yes, I am going to reuse this clip:

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Gym Review – Equinox Greenwich

July 2, 2007

Equinox Greenwich is definitely in its own class.  I was a member during the summer a few years ago, and I was amazed by just how clean and bright everything is.

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Gym Review – Sports Club/LA

June 29, 2007

Just a note, I will almost never post a review for a gym unless I have been there more than once.  First impressions are sometimes way off the mark.  That said, for this gym, my first impression does stick. 

When I set foot in The Sports Club/LA, I think , wow, amenities, amenities, amenities!  And, 80s. 80s, 80s, and no, I don’t mean that is the median age of the members here (I was actually a bit surprised by how young some of the members were), but for some reason I really got smacked with a sense of 1980’s nostalgia. 

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Boozin’ it up

June 21, 2007

Alcohol is a horrible, horrible thing for people who are trying to lose weight or get into better shape. I’ve mentioned before how it just can really destroy you by sapping your energy and flooding your body with empty calories. Any benefits from it, like thinking you have extra carbs to burn during a run at 5am are seriously outweighed by its detriments.

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