An update on ‘spin rage’

September 18, 2007

According to the NY Post (“Gym victim is wheely angry”), no felony charge is being filed against Christopher Carter, the man accused of sending fellow spinner Stuart Sugarman into a wall on his spin bike (though he does face a misdemeanor).  While Mr. Sugarman has been vocal in the press about how he was merely “whooping” and yelling “you go, girl!”, Mr. Carter has been relatively (and probably advisably so) reticent about what happened.   What we do know is that Sugarman’s membership had been summarily terminated following the incident.

Interestingly enough, word around Equinox is that, allegedly, Stuart Sugarman was not quite 3 bikes away, and was allegedly repeatedly bumping into Christopher Carter during the class.  Also, allegedly, there was not 1, but 2 spin instructors present at the time.


NOT spin etiquette

August 28, 2007

I’ve posted a few times about spin class and spin etiquette.  When I’m into it, I might do it 5 or 6 times a week, sometimes doing double classes.  A good class is a great cardio workout, and can be a great endorphin rush.  Sometimes, people get so into the class, and start yelling and getting all excited.  I never do, in fact, I sort of giggle when I hear people yell.  But hey, whatever floats their boat.

Strangely enough, at an Equinox no less, there was a case of “spin rage.”  A guy got off his bike, and threw another guy, while still on his bike, into a wall.  Are you kidding me?

The “attacker” released a terse statement saying the “victim” has a “vivid imagination.”  This, on top of the fact that the “victim’s” membership has been terminated, definitely gives off a funny odor, and not the same one you smell in the room at the end of a class…

Spin Etiquette

June 4, 2007

A while back I was wondering if instructors cared whether students left class early. I wasn’t sure if it was disruptive for the class or if it was offensive, since a lot of time people walk out early because they don’t like the class or person teaching.

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May 14, 2007

Is it just me, or does it feel like there is a higher concentration of douchebags in a workout environment than anywhere else; at least in real world day to day life. It kind of makes sense, after all, people tend to get into cramped quarters, get all sweaty, energized, and to some extent, completely self-involved. Social norms such as politeness or even basic etiquette tend to get thrown out the window. Maybe it’s the elevated levels of testosterone, or hey, maybe it’s just the fact that some people are complete douchebags.

Allow me to provide a few examples:

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Humongous Fungus

March 30, 2007

“Humongous Fungus.” This is what one of my friends started calling me when I told him about this little problem I have. 

I have struggled with some degree of Athlete’s Foot for the last few years.  Sometimes, it can get pretty bad, and other times, I have cracked flaky skin on my feet that I don’t even notice.  I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.  It can get uncomfortable and look downright nasty, though. 

Athlete’s Foot goes with the territory of someone who sweats a lot and has to shower in locker rooms.  It is just one of those annoyances, like work out gear that you just can’t seem to get the rank out of, no matter how many times you wash.   Heck, it’s even less worse than the Ringworm I got that one time when, after swimming, I decided to use one of the stretching mats that was next to the pool 

This past winter, my Athlete’s Foot entered into this almost remission type phase.  Aside from working out, I guess my socks stayed pretty dry.  I didn’t hit the pool at all, so my barefootedness in wet environments was pretty much limited to running back to my gym locker, on my tippy toes, because, you know, I wouldn’t want to catch anything.  I do have a spot or two of notable cracked skin, but it doesn’t really itch. 

Once the weather gets warmer, it will be a completely different story.  Aside from the obvious, which is that my feet will be wet, festering bacteria magnet much more of the time, I wear these gnarly Birkenstocks that are a bacteria magnet themselves.  I envision full on red, cracked feet, that is, unless I take some action.

My main deterrent for Athlete’s Foot is pee.  Growing up, I had swimmer friends who would tell me about how they peed on their feet in the shower to help prevent/soothe their Athlete’s Foot.  I don’t make a regular habit of peeing in the shower (maybe I should), but whenever I start feeling my feet itch, you better believe that I pee all over them. 

Sometimes, this plan backfires, because I wait to go to the bathroom until I go shower.  Last week, after a spin class, I had to go really, really bad.  I ran to the showers, and the only stall available was the middle stall of a row of 5, one I normally stay away from because that is where the main drain is.  Unfortunately for me, the drain, in this little trough, was clogged, and was starting to overflow into my stall.  Now, to be clear, when I pee on my feet, I do it over the trough, so it’s not like it goes everywhere. 

This day, because of the clog, there was no way I was going to go; it would have overflowed all over the place.  What’s worse, as I was trying to hurry and finish showering before the entire backwash completely flooded my stall, I realized that if anyone in any of the other stalls also took a pee, which I guarantee at least one of them did, it was going to be all over my feet.  I still had to go, and I was showering standing in other people’s pee!  I guess someone else’s pee would have the same effect on my foot fungus, but still, that just crosses a line. 

In any case, aside from pee, I use sprays and creams, but only when I really feel the burn.  Someone recently sent me a new product, which I will test out and review in about a week. 

Work Out – Cycle 2 – Episode 1 – Recap – “Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re full of sh*t!”

March 21, 2007

The new season of Work Out is upon us, and opens with a surprising message: Dedicated in loving memory to Doug Blasdell.

Apparently, Doug, the oldest trainer on the show, passed away earlier this year due to a severe illness, after the filming of this season.

Jackie Warner starts talking about how her life has changed since Cycle 1. Mimi is still in her life, and they are trying to work things out. Sky Sports was a roaring success, and now she is about to open a new branch, Sky Lab.

We then get some snippets of the trainers talking about themselves and each other. Here are some of the highlights!

Gregg – The New Guy. Dated Zen.

Rebecca (was she really this hot on the Amazing Race?) – Loves to spank other chicks, has a great ass.

Erika – Walks the walk, Talks the talk. That bitchy friend you love to have.

Brian Peeler – Can create a masterpiece out of anything, like Michelangelo, only he probably doesn’t know who Michelangelo is, according to Jesse.

Jesse – The Favorite, Jackie’s bitch, and he likes to eat, and cook, and eat, and eat.

Andre -The Military Guy

Doug – The gay brother Peeler never had.

Zen – She mentions that her parents were not flower children

After we get the refresher on who these trainers are, we cut back to Jackie, who is starting a new branch, Sky Labs. Jackie doesn’t like how the trainers let the success of last season get to their heads, so to put them back in their place, she organizes a Beach Boot camp. She orders them to take their shirts off, but Jesse doesn’t want to because he is “gay fat.” (I wonder if that is different from normal fat because he sure just looked fat to me).

The trainers start whining, Jesse points out that Jackie doesn’t ever do the boot camps herself (is he still the favorite?), and Rebecca, jokingly, calls her a whore (we ain’t seen nothing yet).

Erika comes up with some crazy exercise. Peeler complains that it is too complicated.

All of the trainers, except for Zen and Erika, give up and go get water. Jackie taunts them after Zen and Erika finish the complicated exercise, saying those two girls could do it, and nobody else could. Jackie does point out that they would never let their clients just give up and walk away.

Cut to clips from last season of bickering between Jackie and Mimi, culminating with Mimi hurling glass at a bar at Jackie, Rebecca, and Mrs. Peeler.

I bet you thought it was all over then! Guess what, it’s not, as Mimi and Jackie are trying to work things out. Jackie admits that Mimi is her “personal addiction.”

After the commercial break, we get an insight into what is happening in the gym between the trainers and clients. (Sort of)

Gregg is working out client Daniel, who is trying to get bigger and eating 4,000 calories a day. He says he is eating a lot of chicken and eggs, and Gregg tells him that eggs are his best friend. Daniel started off at 141 pounds, as Gregg puts it, “your average frat boy.” Frat boys are scrawny?

We get the scoop on Zen and Gregg; she says he is too young for her at 23.

Ellie K., a radio talk show host, is training with Jesse. They seem to love each other and friends outside of the gym, partaking in fast food binges.

Jackie is giving Jesse a hard time for getting fat, because he should be a representative of Sky Sports and Sky Lab (I wondered if it really mattered in “Fat Trainer”). Ellie K. is with them and keeps telling Jackie about all the crap she sees Jesse eat.

Doug’s former partner of 14 years comes in to work out with him. He is trying to get back into shape before his kidney transplant. Eerie that his friend is very sick then Doug gets sick after the season airs.


Erika walks in to train client Beverly, who drives down from Vegas every weekend (an 8 hour drive) to train. (No doubt Erika is hot, but she couldn’t find anyone closer?) She can relate to Beverly because they both have had eating disorders. Beverly is happy she found someone who she can relate to, which prompts Erika to say, “they say, when the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

Doug and Jesse are talking, separately, about how they each had been interviewed after Cycle 1, and had said things about each other. Doug called him Jack from Will and Grace. Jesse said some mean things about Doug to the papers. (I smell a catfight!)

Jesse is Jackie’s best friend in the gym. They start talking about how Doug and Jesse don’t get along, then the conversation turns to Mimi and their lack of communication. They go to a hairdresser, where Jesse gets his nostrils waxed. (OMFG are you crazy?!)

High Drama Alert (HDA) The crew goes to some Gay/Lesbian function. Jackie gets a hotel room for them to chill at and knock back a few cocktails. Peeler, the mischievous little rascal, stirs the pot and asks if there is still a Jesse-Doug beef.

Doug explains to the camera he meant what he said as a compliment, that Jack was his favorite character on his favorite show, Will and Grace. (Hehe) Cut back to the room, and Jesse is a little trashed and keeps going off on Doug.

Commercial. More arguing. Jesse can’t forgive just yet. Rebecca points out that it is Jesse’s limitations that he can’t accept apologies. (Thank god that is over)

(HDA) Jackie and Mimi go to couple’s counseling. They start cracking up when therapist asks why they are at therapy. First she asks about fighting, then sex. It kind of seems like Mimi is a little tipsy. The two have it out, start yelling at each other, blaming each other. Every time Jackie tries to say something, Mimi says “Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re full of shit.” The therapist says they have awful communication (shocker) and doesn’t know why they are together. Mimi walks out.

From the looks of the previews for the upcoming shows, it looks like Mimi won’t be back. Jackie starts hooking up with Rebecca?! and it looks like we are set for a whole heaping more of HDA alongside our HLA.

Takeaways for the FitFiends

Eggs are your best friend.

Trainers need to set an example for their clients.

Finding the right trainer for you is extremely important to achieve goals. Not all trainers necessarily can relate to you or work you out the way you need. 


Strange things at the gym and other observations

March 10, 2007

Winter is finally just about over here in NYC. You know what this means? This means I no longer have to spend the same amount of time that I have been at the gym since sometime at the end of October. A little embarrassed to admit just how much time, but let’s just say that I can run as many miles as I want outside now, and just do 60-90 minutes of strength training inside until it gets cold again.

Since I have spent so many hours a day indoors just training for myself, I have witnessed some rather strange things, and was wondering if other people might be able to add to my list. Some I am sure others have seen, and other things maybe not. But trust me, I found them odd or just poor etiquette. Here we go…

  • The oddities began probably in November, when I saw this dude doing the tricep pushdown…with a phone between his ear and shoulder.
  • Things grew more odd when I saw this girl, who turned out to be a trainer, working out on this leg machine, I guess to work out her hips/groin? Anyway, she was chatting with another trainer while she was working out, reached into her bag, pulled out this bag of snacks, started eating them, offered them to the trainer she was chatting with, then turned around to offer the snacks to the group of trainers behind her, all the meanwhile, still working out.
  • Another strange thing was a trainer working, training a client, eating a salad, with tuna. It wreaked. I guess it shows dedication, almost like eating at your desk. I still thought it was pretty inappropriate, but hey, maybe not. It was setting a good example in terms of diet. However, I saw the same trainer a few weeks earlier, eating on the job, only that time, it was a McDonalds cheeseburger.
  • Of course I need to mention the people who get dressed up to work out. I have seen lots of comments online about women who put their make up on, and I have seen guys style their hair before they hit the gym floor. The most I do is a smell check of my hat and heart rate monitor chest strap. I guess I’m still at fault for using them no matter how badly they fail the sniff test.
  • I have mentioned previously the chick who would run out of spin class every time her phone would go off, then come back in.
  • There was the spin instructor whose head spun around when she heard another woman’s Blackberry go off during class.
  • I developed a heated mental rivalry with a guy who also frequently takes spin classes at my gym. We each always sign up for a specific bike, him #12, me, #24. The bikes face each other. Every single time I go, which is at least 4 or 5 times a week, he is there. We never acknowledge each other, but I can tell, we are totally at war during class. I swear, I think he even smirked at me when he thought he “beat” me during a sprint today.
  • A spin instructor nearly singled out someone she thought was the “silent farter” in class. I swear, it wasn’t me.
  • The girl who came into a 2 hour ride with a 4oz bottle of water. I guess 4oz is better than nothing…but in a 2 hour ride, surely you need more than 4oz of water!

Anyway, I found all these things pretty weird; who knows, maybe others don’t? I am sure there are many more weird things, though, that people notice, and would love to hear about them.

Still, I am super excited that today will be the last cold day (fingers crossed) for a looooong time.