Work Out – Cycle 2 – Episode 6 – Recap – “Jackie swallows her rage!”

April 25, 2007

A lot of different things happen in this episode.  However, no HLA.  We (I) also learn that there are probably another two episodes before the finale. 

We pick back up with the crying session from last week.

Laurie is talking about her dad, and how he committed suicide after he killed her step mom. Jackie feels a real bond with Laurie since both of their fathers committed suicide.  

All the trainers are shocked by both Laurie and Jackie’s stories. 

Jackie’s takeaway is to allow yourself to be yourself and be vulnerable.  Love fest. I’m almost throwing up already, and it is only 5 minutes into the show.

You don’t know who someone else is until you connect with them.  Everyone is fighting to better themselves.  Healing. Take care. Honor.  Sky Lab is going to go to another level now that the trainers understand the clients.  The crowd cheers.  Silently.

This is all bigger than the trainers’ petty disagreements with each other

Back in the gym.

Jesse is talking to the camera, Rebecca is sitting on Jackie’s lap in her office (Okay, mild HLA)  Jesse regrets saying what he thought to Rebecca and now wants to bury the hatchet.

New day.  Jesse apologizes to Rebecca.  Blames it on his personal life.””  What he said to Rebecca was out of line.  He is trying to hold on to Jackie and he is jealous. Both Jackie and Rebecca deserve to be happy.   Jesse promises never to attack Rebecca again. (Damn, the water fight was the best part of this season.)  Rebecca says it takes a big “person” to admit that.  She really emphasized “person.”.

A “celebrity look alike agency” calls Jackie about Erika since he heard she looked like Angelina Jolie.  Jesse says that Jackie looks like Scarlett Johansson’s older sister, or her body guard.

Meaghan, Erika’s Sky Lab client, who hurt her knee, is late for her session with Erika.  Erika is frustrated with her.  This is the client who works for Star Magazine or something like that.  At first, Meaghan looks like she is smirking as Erika sort of scolds her.  Then she starts crying and says how high pressure her job is. Being a starf***** is soooo tiring and pressure filled.  Forget about those jobs where you have other people’s lives or hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, writing about other people is the s***. 

This episode progresses to Jackie’s clothing line.

April Han, clothing designer, comes in to talk to Jackie about the clothing line, LIFT.  Jackie has teamed with a crack team of clothing manufacturers and a retailer named Paiva. 

Jackie is waiting for samples to show to Paiva. 


Erika is in to talk to Jackie, who starts telling her bout the celebrity look alike site.  Jackie explains it is about Angelina Jolie, Erika says I don’t think I look like her at all, Jackie says I don’t either.  I don’t either, but she’s still gorgeous.

Jackie says she loves taking clients to the grocery store, and there the Sky Lab clients are.  They are all confused about apples.  Tidbit, when you lower the fat, you need to increase flavor, often using sugar, which is why non-fat cheese is bad.  Clients are more confused bout food than training!

Jackie taunts the clients by walking them through the candy aisle. 

Another tidbit. Nothing snacky at night, even if it’s sugar free.  This is to instill discipline in them.  Looking at the Sky Lab clients, you know they lack discipline.

Back to the painful fashion story line.  I will explain why it is so painful later.  Jackie finally receives clothing samples from her manufacturer, and everything is wrong. 

Jackie wants to “blow someone’s brains out.”  “**** what’s the matter with people.”  The editors dropped the ball by leaving that line in for this week’s episode. 

Paiva calls to check in.  Buyers are excited, Jackie tries to cover and lies about how her line and visit will be so special.


Peeler is with Floyd, trying to “bring sexy back.”  Are people still allowed to say that?     Floyd looks like he is going to pass out from the work out.  Peeler says no breaks. Go go go.  Looks like a great workout.  Floyd’s initial goal was to drop from 240 to 185.  Floyd is moved to tears because Peeler tells him he is proud of his work.  Wait, so he is paying for a trainer, and actually working hard during his session.  His trainer says he is proud of him, and so now he wants to cry.  

Jackie is talking to Rebecca as she packs to go to Paiva.  Rebecca had come over “to say goodbye.”  They wonder about Doug. 

Erika is meeting the celebrity look alike agency.  Apparently, in international commercials, they use people who resemble the famous.  They do her makeup.  Then a Brad Pitt look alike walks in, and then, and only then, does she realizes how cheesy this is.  Zen comes to visit.  Actually, Erika actually kind of does look like Angelina Jolie when she does that thing with her face.  They squeeze her breasts together. 

Back to Jackie, who is PISSED and at her meeting with Paiva.  Her best friend Erin is with her. I wonder if they are getting it on as well.  


We’re back with Meaghan and Erika.  This time, Meaghan is going to get her dress from some guy who was on Project Runway (shameless cross promotion). Meaghan tries on a dress.  They say it’s a size 4.  They SAY.  

Back to Jackie again, who is talking bout how her manufacturer had let her down.  Jackie is PISSED, again.  She can barely contain her anger.  She says it is all wrong.  The manufacturer says her vision is good, but it’s not retail.  Jackie has to “swallow her rage.”

We move on to the presentation with the Paiva people, and Jackie starts trying to sell her clothing line as something you can wear out and about and also at the gym.  In fact, she says you can “Go to lunch straight from the gym, or to cocktails from the gym.”  So this is where I have an issue with her business idea.  If you’ve just worked out, it would be pretty gross to go out in your sweaty, smelly work out clothes.  That’s just wrong, and coming from me, someone who does battle with certain, ahem, hygiene related issues, that says a lot!!  Paiva mentions something along the lines of, maybe stopping at a store or a coffee shop after the gym.  Clearly, even they don’t want to go out in their sweaty gym clothes.


We have a short scene with Dr. Shirlie with Jackie talking about wanting to go home and mourn her father.  Set up for next week, when it looks like we learn the truth about Doug.


Spring has (finally) sprung

April 24, 2007

A very, very long time ago, I had written about how I was going to be spending a whole lot less time in the gym, and a whole lot more in the gorgeous spring sunshine, riding my bicycle or running along the West Side Highway in NYC. After all, it was almost the middle of March, and I was ready to stop spending so much time inside of the gym, and a whole lot more outside. Boy, did Mother Nature totally NOT get the memo.

Wait, some might ask, “but FitFiend, we thought you liked working out, what happened?” Well, I do, but there is only so much time you can spend indoors with a bunch of machines and a bunch of other smelly, sweaty people, some of whom probably contributed to my feet issues. These are same people who wear gym clothes too many days in a row without washing, and the same ones who sometimes forget that just because you are listening to your IPOD, doesn’t mean that nobody else can hear or smell when you are baking brownies (Disclaimer: I am by no means 100% innocent of any of this).

Also, I will certainly still be hitting the gyms, but just not spending as much time in them as I had to over the colder months. While most of my cardio will be outside, there are still certain spin instructors who make life worthwhile. That’s right, a great spin class can be the highlight of my day, sometimes even week. Sure, some spin instructors revel in their classes pain, but if they are any good, I usually like it!

That said, these last 3 days in NYC have been gorgeous. I was trapped inside working on Saturday, so I couldn’t enjoy a run or a bike ride, but I have made up for it the last few days. Unfortunately, I have checked up on the weather, and I think that Mother Nature was just teasing us, because it is going to be headed back into 50s and raining later this week. This means, I will have to back inside and aside from lifting, and probably spin, I will be stuck to the treadmill or stair mill, both of which I hate. If only running on a treadmill was as much fun as this looks.

Not so humongous fungus (for now)

April 5, 2007

Disclaimer – About two weeks ago, someone contacted me to review a product. They sent me the product, along with a fancy new gym bag and a pair of flip flops.

I already have a system with my gym bag(s), in terms of what goes in which bag when, and where I put my bags so I never forget to move things between when necessary, like, my lock or Ipod. (Things can get kind of confusing, since I use different gym locations, and have a rental locker at my main one) So, I would be willing to part with the gym bag they sent me; it’s pretty nice. If you want it, let me know; I’ll even post a picture of it if you like.

As far as the flip flops, I’m keeping them. Not because I am going to use them in the locker room and wear them when I shower, that might make sense. In fact, a few of my friends asked me why I don’t use them, and well, they’re just nasty. Imagine carrying around a pair of wet flip flops that have been all over a disgusting locker room floor, gross. They tell me it will prevent Ahtlete’s Foot, but I don’t buy it. I’m just going to hang on to them, in any case.

So, a week ago I wrote about my battle with Athlete’s Foot. Some people were sympathetic, some people were curious, and a lot were disgusted. Anyway, the product I received is this new Advanced Lamisil Gel AT.


I have been using it for the past week, and I am impressed. I only use it once a day, before I go to bed. Other things I have used usually merited using multiple times a day.

More importantly, the results have been great. I have no more fungus. Since it is basically still winter (It is snow showering right now in NYC on April 5th), my fungus hasn’t been so bad, but it still hadn’t gone away. After all, showering in a locker room is and walking around barefoot is pretty gross. And note, I haven’t been peeing on my feet.

We’ll see how well the Lamisil works over the warmer months when I am swimming and sweating a lot more. But, for the time being, nobody needs to ask me to put my socks on when we go to bed.