Does this happen in the Women’s locker room?

March 7, 2007


I stumbled upon this blog posting from the East Village Idiot, who claims he is “bullied by gay men” when he tries to use his gym’s steam room. The post is pretty funny, and also spot on.

Earlier this year, a group of janitors sued Equinox because of what they claimed was happening in the locker rooms there. I talked to a good friend of mine who works there about a post on this, but she told me, uhm, not to touch it.

But, I do, because I feel bad that the East Village Idiot was flamed (yes, I said flamed) by some readers of his blog in their comments, because he touched the subject. Some of these people basically say that it okay for shenanigans to take place in the confines of the steam rooms/saunas at our local gyms. I already have to worry about getting things like athlete’s foot and other fungi when I am at the gym, but now, who knows what could be lurking on the floors in the steam rooms and saunas.

From what I can tell, there are a myriad of places for guys who want to get it on, whether at a club or bathhouse. Why is it necessary to bring it into a public, mixed place, like a gym. In fact, nobody cares about what you are doing; it’s just where you are doing it. The same would apply for hetero couples if there were a hetero steam room. There just are certain standards that apply. (And I don’t know of any mixed guy/girl facilities…let me know if you do).

Also, considering that several New York area gyms kept their steam room and saunas closed for years, wouldn’t every member want to make sure they behave themselves so all the facilities remain open? Day after day, for years, I would walk by my main gym’s sauna and see the big sign “Closed by the Department of Health” (though “Health” was crossed out and written over it was “Sex); I am happy that the sauna is once again usable and I want it to stay that way. I don’t really use it that much, though, unless it is empty.

Finally, I understand going to a New York City gym kind of leaves all guys open to and aware of certain shenanigans. I can deal with it. But, it would make me feel much better if I knew the same shenanigans happen in the Women’s locker room, because, frankly, that would be hot.