Get Laid at the Gym!

Time Out New York just released their Fall Fitness Issue.  There is a great story in it about how to pick someone up at your gym, and it features one of’s trainers, Joanna Stahl.

Get Laid

[From Time Out NY]

First things first: Have either of you ever dated a client?
Reggie: That could cause conflict. About 90 percent of my clients are women, but dating them could be seen as payment.
Joanna: Most of the people in my classes are either women or gay men, so no. But I have brought dates to my class. Big mistake.

Joanna: They get competitive—trying too hard to impress me. I have dated people I’ve met at the gym, though.
Reggie: Yeah, it’s okay if they’re just a normal gym member.

What are some things a gym member should avoid doing if they want to impress a couple of fit hotties such as yourselves?
Reggie: Grunting and screaming—that gets uncomfortable. People make crazy sounds while working out or dropping weights.
Joanna: They’re allowed to scream in my class. It just means they’re into it, though I hope I work people to the point where they don’t have the energy to scream. The biggest turnoff is smell. You’d be amazed at how many people rewear the same clothes.

Ew. What do you think about using sex as exercise?

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