Work Out – Season 3 – Episode 8 – Recap – DVD Shoot

It’s the second to last week! Yay! Jackie and her crew are putting together her DVD.  Who will be in it?  How will it go?  Read on to find out!

Producer Andrea has brought in the big gun, Keli Roberts to help out with the DVD.  They are waiting for Jackie to show up to their meeting, and Andrea is going off on Jackie about how she isn’t taking this seriously, she doesn’t know how much work goes into creating this.  Jackie is an hour late so far, and Andrea is livid.

Jackie finally shows up.  Jackie’s reaction is, if I have to make you wait 20 minutes, then you wait 20 minutes, that’s how I roll.  I think she forgot that these are her producers and they are the boss.

Good things come in 3s.  Jackie tells them that this is her idea, having the people do 3 moves, a minute each.  Producer Andrea starts cutting in and wants Jackie to demonstrate each move for a minute, and talk to the camera while doing it.  Her concern is that this will get boring.

Segue into the casting, who are the trainers who will be a part of this DVD?  Jackie explains that she hasn’t been able to work out herself. This DVD is supposed to be a little piece of Jackie Warner, so Andrea basically tells her to get her butt in gear.

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One Response to Work Out – Season 3 – Episode 8 – Recap – DVD Shoot

  1. adriannaboggs says:

    dear jackie how are you from last night because you look very tried from that and I just want to say that you were great out there so far keep it up for me baby girl you look so find to me and I want to go out with you Im come out there to see you one day to be with you and work out some time

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