Work Out – Season 3 – Episode 7 – Recap – It’s Family Week!

Looks like this Season just keeps going.  There have been highs and lows this time around, and this episode, sorry to say, is on the lower side.  Now that we’ve managed your expectations, let’s go on to the recap.

Jackie and Briana are talking in the morning about how they have a big upcoming few days and they are both nervous, and excited.

It’s family day!  Jesse’s sister, Bethany, is in to visit.  This is on top of Jackie’s mom coming to town.  Apparently, Briana’s family is also in town at the same time, and they will all be staying at Jackie’s house.

Jesse’s sister has dropped about 25 pounds in the last few months.  Now he is training her and they are fooling around.

Jackie is on her way to pick her mom up from the airport, and starts thinking talking about her mom, and then we see some clips from the past between Jackie and her mom, and how her mom says true marriage is only between a man and a woman.  This is a major issue for Jackie.

Her mom likes her hair. This is painful to watch, yes, more painful than normal. Karen, Jackie’s mom, is extremely sullen.  Jackie blurts out that Briana is at home, awaiting their arrival.  The mom is pretty untinterested in discussing Jackie’s gf.  She finally asks how they met, and Jackie tells her it was an event, and there was an instant connection, which doesn’t normally happen for her.  Jackie keeps framing her mother’s visit like it is a way for her to point out how her mom does not accept her.

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One Response to Work Out – Season 3 – Episode 7 – Recap – It’s Family Week!

  1. lisa says:

    Jackie is insulting to the fitness industry. I have owned and operated my own club for 20 years, rated number one trainer in the nation twice and never would I act or mentor like Jackie. She is only successful because she has a trash tv show. I can not believe anyone would want to work in that environment, but I know why they do. Shoot, why not if you can get publicity. I wish a fitness show would be created that actually had some use. Jackie is not professional at all. She has a need to be the center of attention at all time and at the expense of other, including her clients.

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