Work Out – Season 3 – Episode 5 – Recap – Last week Peeler, this week Gatorade

We’re into week 5. Last week was the big blow up with Peeler.  People have not been happy with Jackie Warner this season.  At the beginning, her PR machine was running smoothly, painting her as this icon who even straight women wanted to be with.  Since then, she has come off as a major b*tch.  With last week’s episode,  her own show seems to has turned on her, to the point that Gatorade no longer wants to be associated with her and have pulled their sponsorship! Now, all the bottles of Propel are blurred out on screen.

Jackie doesn’t care about Peeler, and thinks that she handled it professionally (Jackie represents herself as on of the most unprofessional bosses ever, from sleeping with her employees, undermining them, and overall treating them like crap because she is the boss). Jackie is with Peeler’s client, Shannon, and is reassuring her that she will succeed without him.  Shannon felt that he was great, and she was seeing 100% from him.  She said how Peeler had called her and said that they could train together outside of Sky Sport.  Jackie explains that Peeler was just too defiant and it was time to get rid of him.

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