Work Out – Season 3 – Episode 4 – Jackie and Peeler Get Into It

Jackie is back from the cruise, happy to see Briana.  They start talking about the cruise, and Rebecca comes up.  Jackie says that she doesn’t know boundaries, but Briana points out that Jackie needs to also start taking responsibilities for her own actions.   (yeah like that will ever happen)
Jackie meets with the Sky Lab clients. They tell Jackie how things are going and they meet 3 times a week.  Things are great for everyone, except with Didi, Gregg’s client.  Jackie explains to her that you are not here for a best friend, but you are here for a teacher.
Didi had an injury and couldn’t really do much; Jackie has her lie on the ground and do some pelvic thrusts, while the rest of the gang work through a bootcamp.  Most of them are so out of shape that they can’t even do the basics.
Exercise TV is in to discuss doing a DVD with Jackie, since she comes across as sexy, cool, and has “that whole Hollywood” thing.  Jackie wants to get her best and sexiest trainers involved.  Jackie is excited, but they have less than a month to do this.
Erika is training her Sky Lab client, David, who is so enthusiastic and would work out 8 days a week if he could.  He tells her that he is intimidated by her because she is in such good shape.

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