Work Out – Season 3 – Episode 3 – Recap – “One Big Nasty Fun Event”

This is the third week of the season, and while lower on drama then some of the episodes, it was big on laughs, and even a little bit of working out!

We are back on the Lesbian cruise and Rebecca is looking wistfully out to sea in the morning while Jackie is spinning alone. Rebecca is talking about how her relationship with Jackie has changed and it will no longer be as friendly. Jackie, meanwhile, is talking about how things have changed on her end and she is in a relationship, and Rebecca is taking things too personally.

Back to Sky Lab with 3 of the clients having fun with Peeler, who is going to run this boot camp the way it should be run. Peeler is taking them through a workout, consisting of treadmill, bridges, some bosu stuff, and lots more. Shannon, Peeler’s client, says that Jackie and Peeler are both tough, but Jackie only made her puke once, while Peeler made her puke 4 times. (They don’t show Jackie working out clients as much as they do Peeler, but from what they do show, Peeler’s training does look better).

Now the guys are on their way to the Mud Run, a 10k (6.2 miles) race around Camp Pendleton’s obstacle course. The guys are a little bitter that they are going to “play in the mud” while Jackie took the girls on a cruise. Peeler points out that this is a great way for the guys to bond without King/Queen Jackie on their back.

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