Drunkorexia and Fitness

While alcohol is obviously not something that helps your fitness, it is often something that does go hand in hand with it.  Yes, it floods the body with calories, makes your tummy feel all warm and tingly so that you feel like eating at the end of a night out (you know, when you’ve already gone out for dinner and it seems like a really good idea to stop for 2 or 4 slices of pizza), and it makes you very tired.  Still, lots of people who work out hard, also work hard and play hard.  It’s just the fiend mentality.

We at FitFiend.com know many people who, because they realize that they are imbibing hundreds of calories, will actually limit the food they consume.  Sure, it makes them cheaper drunks and they are taking in less calories, but 1) these calories are empty, devoid of nearly any real nutritional value, and  2) it doesn’t take away the tiredness, which really will affect their training.

This notion of limiting food for the sake of the booze has become a wider phenomenon, referred to as “Drunkorexia.”

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