What’s going on at FitFiend.com

Happy 2008 and welcome back to FitFiend.com.  The year ahead will be bringing some exciting changes to our community for fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts.  So what’s happening with the site?

  • Our community is growing quickly each day.  Check out these new users and their latest blog postings, and leave them some comments!
  • If you know of any personal trainer, group fitness instructor, coach, nutritionist, or any other type of fitness provider, make sure you tell them to register on the site so that they will be added to the best fitness provider directory online.  And as their client or student, don’t forget to leave them an endorsement!
  • FitFiend.com in the news!  In the AP’s year ahead look fitness trends in 2008, “The Future of Fitness,” FitFiend.com is cited as the place for people to find workout buddies. 
  • FitFiend.com supports Spin4Survival, and we encourage you to as well!  This is a great cause, and if you are in the NYC area and would like to participate on the FitFiend.com team, please let us know.

Stay tuned as we roll out more and better features over the coming months.  No matter what kind of shape you are in now, resolve to make 2008 the year to unleash your inner fiend!

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