Thanksgiving Cure

By now, everyone has gotten through several thousand calories and their Thursday round of Thanksgiving.  In spite of all the leftovers, the best bet to get back on your healthy track is to not write this whole weekend off, but, rather, to go straight into recovery mode.  Here are some helpful tips, from Yahoo Health, to help you “Detox,” at least for a few weeks until the holiday season”:

  • Drink plenty of water and other low-calorie, non-caffeinated fluids. Fluids help to flush out toxins from our body. Our kidneys must do the hard work of filtering out the toxins and they need water to their job. Drink as much fluid each day as is comfortable for you. 
  • Choose lower-fat foods. Our bodies have to work longer and harder to digest higher-fat foods. Give your digestive system a rest and choose low-fat alternatives. 
  • Include high-fiber foods. Fiber is the body’s scrub brush; it can help sweep out your colon. 
  • Aim for lots of fruits and vegetables. These foods are not only naturally low in calories and fat but also high in fiber. Over these three days, eat less protein and starchy foods and fill up on fruits and vegetables — aim for six to eight servings per day.
  • Don’t forget about exercise. Exercise itself is a great way of detoxifying the body. Plan to go for at least a 30-minute walk each day.

These are just some options to cure your Thanksgiving food hangover.


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