Work out smarter not harder

Many people spend a whole lot of time strength training, but they are wasting their time with poor form.  As pulled from The Gazette,
“Weight rooms everywhere contain two kinds of exercisers; those who work out right and those who work out wrong. Unfortunately, the exercisers who get it wrong often outnumber the ones who get it right.

Admittedly, most weight room errors are small ones resulting in no greater consequence then a failure to achieve the best possible results. Other errors, however, are so glaring and so fundamental that not only will ill-advised lifters fail to reap the benefits of their hard work, chances are they will end up nursing an injury.

To help rid your routine of exercise error, here are some tips born of weight room blunders seen in gyms across the country.”

Here are some tips to help bring the form back in line.

Of course, these are some general, sensible tips, though not everything works for everybody, nor does everyone have the same goals.


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