Tips to gain weight

That’s right.  Most fitness/diet/health information published involves tips for losing weight.  Here are some summarized tips from, an entire blog devoted to helping people pack on some pounds. 

1.)  COUNT!  Count calories, just so you know how much you are consuming.

2.)  EAT!  Several times a day, every few hours.  This is a tip for people trying to lose weight as well.  The difference here is that someone trying to gain weight will be eating substantially more at each of these meals.  Yes, the types of foods matter.  Whole grains, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables are the rules of thumb.

3.)  LIFT!  Hard and heavy.  Don’t overtrain, allow your body to recover, and gradually increase your weights.  The core functional exercises such as squats, deadlifts,  benchpress, and pullup are a good foundation to build your muscle gains upon.

4.)  COUNT! (Again)  This time, pounds (or kilos if you like).  This is how you track your progress and adjust your program to make sure you reach your weight gain goals.

5.)  CUT!  Trim the bad fat from your diet.  Just because you are trying to gain weight does not mean that you can eat whatever you want.  Bad fat means bad weight.

6.)  DRINK!  Water.  Lots of it.

7.)  SLEEP!  Your body needs time to recover and for muscles to rebuild.  It does so most effectively in a sleeping state.

These are just some great tips from  While most of the world struggles to lose weight, there are some people who actually are struggling to do the opposite, and these are the fundamentals to do so.


One Response to Tips to gain weight

  1. Very nice article. I feel inspired to use your advices and I will check 4 other your articles. But are you sure about all you tell us about here, forgive me to ask but ….?

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