UK adults are out of shape…

…at least according to a Basic Fitness Audit conducted by UK based LA Fitness, PLC.  The survey shows that “reveal more than two thirds (68%) can’t do 20 sit-ups and 53% of those questioned couldn’t touch their toes.  A total of 66% of respondents confessed to not doing any fast-paced fitness activity, such as cycling, running or speed walking, in the last year.In addition, almost half (42%) of those quizzed said they couldn’t climb three flights of stairs without becoming breathless.”  Check out the rest of the article here.

Interesting to note that in Forbes’ study of the Worlds Fattest Countries, out earlier this year, the UK placed 28.  On a superficial level, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that there are 27 countries with even worse levels of fitness.

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4 Responses to UK adults are out of shape…

  1. fitness says:

    I agree, people are so out of shape and perhaps it’s getting out of hand. Here in Canada it is quickly becoming a serious health issue and it’s popping up in the news from time to time with statistic figures as high or in some cases even higher than the ones your post about the UK.

    I think people don’t want to put alot of time into preparing their meals and instead opt for meals that come in boxes and freezer food which is the main concern. Combined with an exerciseless lifestyle, it’s a disaster. Bad foods such as friend chicken, french fries and boxed frozen foods are one of the causes.


  2. I wouldn’t limit it just to UK. As more and more technology becomes available, staying active will diminish even more.

  3. vboouli says:

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  4. Nitin says:

    I don’t think my comments are appropriate here but I want to make sure no one else becomes a victim like I did.

    I want to let you know how LA Fitness cheats people here in US. I was lied into a contract for training. I was told I would receive about 23 or so training sessions plus a couple free if I joined that same day for $120 when I had gone in to only access the gym for $39/mo. At no point did they say that this was a $120 per month fee and “oh by the way we are locking you into an 18month contract”.
    They don’t let you take the contract home and go through it neither did I suspect that these guys are going to be lying to me.
    Do these trainers get paid on commissions? that’s the only thing I can think of as an incentive for them to lie.
    I did not find out about this monthly recurring charge of $120 for couple months as I do not check my accounts that frequently. I canceled it in Oct and yet they kept charging me.
    I called the corp office and they give me contract nonsense. I am going to look into taking a legal action. Any suggestions? Any other victims out there?
    Please beware of LA Fitness.

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