Is she that fat?


Come on now, she is not that fat, is she?  The comments about her physical appearance have ranged from saying that she no longer has “taut abs” to that she has a “beer belly.”  True, she is not as taut as she once was, but she by no means has a beer belly.  She has had two kids, and is curvy.

Is she really that fat?  Now sure, she deserves a load of crap for that sort of performance she put on, but what kind of message is the media sending by deriding her for being so out of shape, when, she really isn’t all that bad…


6 Responses to Is she that fat?

  1. asmera says:

    she is certainly not that fat. the fact thet she feels ok with herself looking like that is even great! but it doesnt mean she can torture the world’s eyes with that outfit that makes her look even worse!!!

  2. haroo says:

    well..she’s not that fat. Even I think she’s fit!
    but she’s fatter than rihanna. (“,)

  3. fitfiend says:

    But Rhianna hasn’t had two kids!

  4. Mush says:

    IMNSHO, the thing about this that made her look so bad was the way she seemed unable to walk around without someone steadying her. She looks fit, yes, but can’t move. And movement is one of the keys to sexiness, no?

  5. steven says:

    i certainly wouldnt say no!

  6. ryan says:

    certainly not man! Looking so sexy and hot! hmmm….

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