NOT spin etiquette

I’ve posted a few times about spin class and spin etiquette.  When I’m into it, I might do it 5 or 6 times a week, sometimes doing double classes.  A good class is a great cardio workout, and can be a great endorphin rush.  Sometimes, people get so into the class, and start yelling and getting all excited.  I never do, in fact, I sort of giggle when I hear people yell.  But hey, whatever floats their boat.

Strangely enough, at an Equinox no less, there was a case of “spin rage.”  A guy got off his bike, and threw another guy, while still on his bike, into a wall.  Are you kidding me?

The “attacker” released a terse statement saying the “victim” has a “vivid imagination.”  This, on top of the fact that the “victim’s” membership has been terminated, definitely gives off a funny odor, and not the same one you smell in the room at the end of a class…


3 Responses to NOT spin etiquette

  1. anon says:

    According to a NY Post story (, he was asked repeatedly (& politely at first) by the spin rage guy to tone pipe down. He refused and called spin rage guy a “baby” when spin rage guy threatened to make him shut up.

  2. fitfiend says:

    But throwing him into a wall….? Anyway, they both sound a little bit off…

  3. Vieve says:

    Question: Is it bad to take spin class 2 days in a row? Im a female and I know spinning could bring on big muscles but I really like the workout and how many calories are burned. What are your thoughts?

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