What motivates you?

I lead a pretty active lifestyle. I workout at least once almost every day, either running, spinning, cycling, strength training, cross training, or swimming (no, climbing my six flights of stairs everyday does not count). Checking out different gym memberships, though, made me consider, why exactly do I, or you, bother?

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3 Responses to What motivates you?

  1. Lady Rose says:

    My motivation is to get healthy and my little girl (she is 11) – I want to be around as long as possible for her. I agree that if you only focus on the weight and food you won’t succeed. I don’t think any one has to be skinny or a certain weight – I feel health is the main thing to strive for. But what ever it takes to motivate someone they should focus on (in a healthy not obsessive way). I do well with my food, but I know I need to improve my exercise. Just because I have a few decades behind me of no exercise and a long history of joint pain with arthristis – I can still make improvements and do what I can.

    I don’t agree however that it’s laziness as the root cause – sure for some folks maybe. But there are SOOOO many health issues and metabolism issues, as well as self esteem, depression, etc. that all factor into whether a person can phsyically and mentally do exercise on a regular basis. We have no way of knowing what a person is facing each and every day of their life, so I do agree that we should “label” someone lazy just because they exercising.

    Health and Happiness, Lady Rose

  2. fitfiend says:

    I agree to an extent. It might not be THE root cause, but it certainly is a major factor that people overlook. It goes to the notion that people need to at least put in the effort; ie if they can put in so much energy into “dieting,” then they are probably psychologically/genetically able to put some effort into being more active.

  3. Matt Carter says:

    Hi there, just came across your blog and admire your enthusiasm for exercise.
    Likewise adore my “phys” and recently came across a strength training and weight training program that kind of turn my previous convictions on their head. For years I’d been exercising pretty much daily, and following a host of programs to build muscle and get fit.
    You may have come across this guy Vince already, but if not, then here’s a glimpse of his strength training program for you.

    Very best,

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