Daddy needs a new…ass?!?!

In keeping with what I need, I figured I’d mention this. Lots of people tell me that I have no ass. Probably an even greater number of people think that I am an ass. Fine, I have no problem with either.

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4 Responses to Daddy needs a new…ass?!?!

  1. aaarghh….
    this was the post i had to read today? I did some lower body training yesterday, which i never usually do, especially not with that weights contraption at the gym (focusing on cardio, trying to lose those last 5 pounds)
    I make weird faces when i sit down/get up. Anyway, my ass and thighs will thank me later, i’m sure.

  2. fitfiend says:

    Anything that does not kill you will make you stronger! Well, almost anything….

  3. yogalamb says:

    Stairs = the ultimate workout. Even when your elevator service is returned, you should definitely take the stairs anyway! If you’ve got legs, use them!!

  4. […] almost every day, either running, spinning, cycling, strength training, cross training, or swimming (no, climbing my six flights of stairs everyday does not count).  Checking out different gym memberships, though, made me consider, why exactly do I, or you, […]

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