Weight loss with oily discharge

hdrlogo.gifA few weeks ago, CNBC ran a report on Alli, the new weight loss drug from Glaxo Smith Kline, set to hit the market next week. This just isn’t any weight loss drug, this is the first over the counter pill manufactured specifically to help people lose weight. As part of their marketing campaign, GSK had taken the former Union Square Savings Bank and home to De La Guarda, converting it into an almost museum for the drug. Of course, I had to go check it out.

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5 Responses to Weight loss with oily discharge

  1. CowboyDan says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but dietary fat (the kind that is being mentioned here) and body fat are very different from each other. Just by blocking the absorption of dietart fat doesn’t mean that a person will loose weight (body fat). In order to loose weight, a person must burn more calories that they take in. So all this talk about blocking the absorption of dietary fat to loose weight is misleading and should not be trusted. On the other hand, by blocking dietary fat via a chemical we are messing (no pun intended) around with a finely tuned digestive system that supplies our bodies with all of it’s perceived energy and nutritional requirements. It is concievable that by blocking dietary fat, we can throw off this system so badly that we end up sick, malnurished, gaining weight, or other unplesant side effects.

  2. fitfiend says:

    No you are right, but, by blocking the dietary fat, you are also blocking those calories that come with it. But honestly, considering the whole “plan,” which involves cutting down on calories and fat, along with some daily activity, I would imagine you would do a pretty good job at losing extra pounds. But yeah, these are certainly some pretty unpleasant side effects.

  3. HealthHacker says:

    That is REALLY discusting.

    Damn people, forget the easy pills and go for a damn run.

  4. […] You know what, I bet a lot will.  But, they need to be aware of the consequences: the oily discharge, loose stools, etc.  […]

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