Is it just me, or does it feel like there is a higher concentration of douchebags in a workout environment than anywhere else; at least in real world day to day life. It kind of makes sense, after all, people tend to get into cramped quarters, get all sweaty, energized, and to some extent, completely self-involved. Social norms such as politeness or even basic etiquette tend to get thrown out the window. Maybe it’s the elevated levels of testosterone, or hey, maybe it’s just the fact that some people are complete douchebags.

Allow me to provide a few examples:

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3 Responses to Douchebags!

  1. Chris says:

    Yeah I have a couple incidents of my own.

    One time a friend of mine loaded one side of the leg press up and not the other. The whole thong friggin’ crashed over…….hilarious

    I saw a guy squat 405 with lousy form. He probably could of only handled 185 to parallel with strict form. He got off balance, one side of plates flew off then the other. Crash, bang…classic

    Another time back when I first started training and knew nothing about good form I was doing DB side raises with a weight that was way to heavy for me so I needed to rely on momentum. Well, on the way down the DB’s clanked together on my you know what.

    I went into the locker room and curled up into a ball….Let’s say now my form is perfect

    Cool blog brother

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