Coffee, coffee, coffee!!!

It’s 5:30AM, and I am sitting at my desk with a cup of coffee, home brewed. If it weren’t for this cup of coffee, I would still be in bed. Sure, no matter how many times I hit snooze on the alarm clock (and subsequently pissed the neighbors off), I need the kick of some serious caffeine to get me going, like a lot of people. Still, there seems to be an almost stigma associated with drinking coffee (or other caffeinated drinks), and it’s effects on exercise.

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One Response to Coffee, coffee, coffee!!!

  1. Lady Chrysallis says:

    I only started drinking coffee about three years ago and I really enjoy having a travel mug before starting any triathlon. Before Ironman, we always go out the night before and buy our morning cappucinos, refridgerate them and heat them up for race morning.

    There will always be someone telling how awful coffee is for you. I have very low BP– usually 90/60, resting HR is below 60 bpm, so coffee doesn’t affect that at all. I have a late afternoon mug before I hit the gym and before I train. There are worse habits that one could possess. We all know that!!

    Heck I did the entire Miami Half marathon on a mug of coffee and a bottle of something called “Bawls” an energy drink that contains guarana root. I had splendid time at the race and finished in the top 23 % of women overall!! That was a race of more than 6,000 competitors. so I felt that I had done alright, especially since i’m not a runner, per se!!

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