Work Out – Cycle 2 – Episode 7 – Recap – “Turn ‘em and Burn ‘em”

Last week, Jackie resolves to go home to visit her father’s grave and bond with her mom. 

Jackie is talking about going back to Ohio to visit her mom and we revisit Cycle 1 with the issues the 2 have.  Erin will be going with her. Rebecca got dissed?

Jackie is checking up on the trainers at Sky Lab and she tells that Peeler he is in charge when she is gone, in front of Rebecca.  Rebecca was confused. Dissed again. 

Jesse is excited to train a male model, Gage Weston (at Sky Lab or Sky Sport.) Gage says he doesn’t do much cardio and Jesse proclaims that he’s the “cardio king!” He comes off as a different member of royalty.  It turns out that Gage Weston is a male erotic model, and Jesse gets all flustered.  After he gets over being flustered, he goes directly into an awkward groin stretch. 

Rebecca questions why Jackie left Peeler in charge.  Rebecca is a little bit bummed, Jackie explains that she couldn’t because it would look bad.  Guess that’s the reason why don’t date subordinates, because if she should have been left in charge, you just screwed her over.

Jesse is at lunch with Gage and they are talking about his stint in Iraq.  They discussed challenges that gay people had in the military.  Then they move on to discussing how Gage wouldn’t do it again, but Jesse says his brother is proud of having served.

Erin is going with Jackie visit her mom.  Jackie explains how she feels that she is reverting back to childhood as soon as she goes home.

Erin meets Jackie’s family. Jackie’s mom talks about how they used to have a great relationship, how she was sad when Jackie moved to Cali, and how your daughter can be your best friend.  An old picture of Jackie; she used to look like Kristi McNichol.  Now she looks more like Scarlet Johannson.

Peeler is excited that he’s in charge.  He’s checking up on the other trainers.  Erika is a little peeved that Peeler is in charge because last time, she was left in charge, and he was the person who gave her the hardest time.  He says that he enjoys his “reign of power. Terror.

Jackie and Erin make it back to her mom’s house and have breakfast.  Jackie is going to her old school to speak to a bunch of students.  She’s scared, but she doesn’t allow fear to control over her.

The trainers are in Jackie’s office; Peeler is sitting at her desk.  They start talking about their Sky Lab clients.  Andre’s client, Kiki, has been slacking off.  Peeler understands that she has school, but says that everyone can make time.  I know a lot of people who would dispute this.  I guess it maybe depends on how bad you want it. 

Back to Ohio, talking about how the fact that Jackie grew up in Ohio formed her drive.  She admits she was suspended once in high school.  The person who Jackie was in high school was a pretender, an actor. Jackie was a terrible student, but she spent the last 20 years of her life telling people she was an honor student. Hard to keep that lie going when they show your grades on TV.

Peeler is checking in on Doug, how his kidneys are doing.  Doug says that he’ll be out in 2 or 3 days. 

Jackie tells the kids no matter what you do in junior high and high school, you always have the chance to reinvent yourself.  Jackie does the Q & A, the kids ask some easy questions about getting out of Ohio, nothing too upsetting.

Jackie is excited that her mom is around to see the media frenzy around her, and all the kids asking her for her autograph.  It makes you happy to see other people appreciate your child. 

Gregg is in the gym with his client.  In walks in Zen with her new guy Jason to show off.  Gregg thought it was a little bit tacky for her to come in there like that.  Gregg is pretty pissed.  Deep breaths.  Is it just me, or do girls seem to do that a lot.  Think that it is okay to parade the new BF around…

Jackie decides that she wants to visit her dad’s gravesite.  She realizes she never mourned her dad’s passing; she shut down. Erin nods and listens.   It’s always all about Jackie. 

Peeler’s turn to run the boot camp with the Sky Labbers – the top gun workout; he turned ‘em and burned ‘em.  Peeler is loving being in charge.  Peeler’s work outs really look like they kick ass.

Jacke and her mom are at her father’s grave.  Mom explained what the funeral was like.  How now he’s all alone.  Of course, Jackie brings it back to how she hopes that she has people to visit her. 

This does turn out to be a bonding moment for Jackie and Mom, as Jackie understands her a little bit better and sees how they are more similar than she thought.  Mom explains that it could have been a stressful pregnancy that contributed to Jackie being a lesbian.  This impresses Jackie that her mom admits she could have been born this way. 

It’s the next morning – Jackie has revisited her childhood, her high school, her dad’s grave, feels like she has matured 10 years.  She has another 10 years to go for her mentality to catch up with her real age.  That’s not bad, I think I have 11 years to go.   She says goodbye to her mom and heads to the airport.

Back at the gym and Peeler hangs up the phone, looking pretty forlorn.  The gang has the Sky Lab meeting, and Peeler breaks down and starts explaining how Doug is really sick; his infection has returned, is in ICU, and probably won’t make it.  Peeler completely loses it and says nothing matters; all the trainers start breaking down. 


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