Not so humongous fungus (for now)

Disclaimer – About two weeks ago, someone contacted me to review a product. They sent me the product, along with a fancy new gym bag and a pair of flip flops.

I already have a system with my gym bag(s), in terms of what goes in which bag when, and where I put my bags so I never forget to move things between when necessary, like, my lock or Ipod. (Things can get kind of confusing, since I use different gym locations, and have a rental locker at my main one) So, I would be willing to part with the gym bag they sent me; it’s pretty nice. If you want it, let me know; I’ll even post a picture of it if you like.

As far as the flip flops, I’m keeping them. Not because I am going to use them in the locker room and wear them when I shower, that might make sense. In fact, a few of my friends asked me why I don’t use them, and well, they’re just nasty. Imagine carrying around a pair of wet flip flops that have been all over a disgusting locker room floor, gross. They tell me it will prevent Ahtlete’s Foot, but I don’t buy it. I’m just going to hang on to them, in any case.

So, a week ago I wrote about my battle with Athlete’s Foot. Some people were sympathetic, some people were curious, and a lot were disgusted. Anyway, the product I received is this new Advanced Lamisil Gel AT.


I have been using it for the past week, and I am impressed. I only use it once a day, before I go to bed. Other things I have used usually merited using multiple times a day.

More importantly, the results have been great. I have no more fungus. Since it is basically still winter (It is snow showering right now in NYC on April 5th), my fungus hasn’t been so bad, but it still hadn’t gone away. After all, showering in a locker room is and walking around barefoot is pretty gross. And note, I haven’t been peeing on my feet.

We’ll see how well the Lamisil works over the warmer months when I am swimming and sweating a lot more. But, for the time being, nobody needs to ask me to put my socks on when we go to bed.


5 Responses to Not so humongous fungus (for now)

  1. Hmmmm… I always wear flip flops because I am a huuuge germophobe… but now that you mentioned the “carrying around a pair of wet flip flops that have been all over a disgusting locker room floor” … well, I don’t know which is worse… what you just said or going barefoot. Eeks!

  2. dash says:

    hahaha how fun that you’re making your battle against fungus public. It is crazy to think about all that stuff that’s laying around the lockerroom. I always feel bad putting clients on to mats on the floor b/c some pretty dirtly people sweat all over them . . . I guess that just comes with the territory.
    I think you can just buy a nice little spray and after you shower and lay a towel down in front of your locker – give a few sprays and put your socks on – OR you could just spray down every guy you see in the locker room 🙂

  3. I can’t walk on a pool deck or in a lockerroom without flip flops. I guess it comes from years and years of competitive swimming. Just hate the feeling of that tile on my bare feet!

  4. fitfiend says:

    The sprays weren’t working, or else, I just wasn’t using them regularly enough. Now it’s much better.

    The flip flops are just as gross as the floor! All wet, never properly drying.

  5. I’m afraid I can’t bear wearing flipflops or house slippers – just can’t bring myself to do it. I do find though that swimming in the sea is great for my feet – they are always so much better after going for a morning swim a few times a week.

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