Work Out – Cycle 2 – Episode 3 – Recap – “What’s going on between Jackie and Rebecca?”

Show kicks off with clips from last week, and Rebecca and Jackie. Andre points out that he “notice[s] something is going between Rebecca and Jackie.”

Peeler is explaining to Doug what happened the night before, since he looks up to him as a father figure. Peeler tells him about his anger management problems as a youngster, and the night before brought everything back. Peeler used to say that he and Jackie were a lot alike, but he realizes that they aren’t, he is way too emotional.

Peeler approaches Jackie to discuss the night before. They sort of make up and agree to move on. No HDA yet.

Sky Lab clients meet for a bootcamp. Not quite the bootcamp from episode one, but these people wouldn’t be Sky Lab clients if they could do that bootcamp.

Jackie gets upset when one client, Lori, gives up on a bridge with two seconds to go. She feels that Doug is the perfect match for Lori since he is like a therapist. Jackie tells the clients to “feel free to jump on then treadmill” after they finish the bootcamp.

Tess is working out with Gregg, they talk about how difficult it is to rehabilitate from a knee injury. Gregg says it is “going to be fascinating to watch her grow.”

Rebecca and Jackie are hanging out at her place. Jackie puts her foot up on her and asks her to take her shoe off. Rebecca decides she likes the champagne that she is drinking, which is dry, and what Rebecca hates dry, normally. Jackie implies that Rebecca is changing her tastes. Wink wink.

They decide to wash Jackie’s stinky dogs. I think they are about to get wet.

We are back at the gym with Zen and Gregg. Gregg asks her to come with him somewhere this week. Zen gets giddy, and thinks he is asking him on a date. It turns out, it is a date, a court date. Apparently, some Asians showed up at a house party (damn those Asians!), and Gregg got into it with one of them.

He isn’t going to court with a lawyer, but wants Zen to come for moral support. Zen realizes that Gregg is not making a logical decision by assuming that he is going to win since the other guy “looks worse.” (Because you hit him). The other guy called him a derogatory name, but Gregg did resort to physical violence, which Zen explains to him, is something he should be concerned about.


Jackie is back at therapy, and explains to her therapist that she is 100% done with Mimi (Yay!). Jackie now knows better what she wants. The therapist suggests Jackie get social, so she plans a slumber party. (HLA coming up!!)

Lori shows up to work out with Doug, who wants to help her enjoy working out. Lori’s goal is to be living a healthy life by the time she turns 30. Her ideal goal is to lose 110 pounds. She remembers how her dad would tell her that no man wants to marry a fat girl, and this was when she was 6 years old. Lori starts tearing up while she is talking to Doug. Lori is excited about working out with Doug and motivated.

Zen is also a comedian (who knew). She is going to be performing stand up at the Laugh Factory and is telling her fellow trainers about her show.

Jackie invites Jessie into her office to discuss the diet for Sky Lab. Jessie is a chef and is going to be in charge of wonderful lean organic meals for the Sky Lab clients.

Tiffany, a girl that Jackie dated on a break with Mimi a few years earlier, stops by. Jackie is optimistic about what could happen with Tiffany.

The two go to the batting cages on a date. Jackie wasn’t doing too well, while Tiffany was on the outside of the cage cheerleading. Jackie gets flustered and explains that she hates sucking on at things. Tiffany, on the other hand, seemed to have no problem handling the balls. After all, Jackie was the only woman she had ever been with.

Gregg is on his way to court alone.


Sky Lab clients are having a crash course in healthy cooking with Jesse. The Jackie breakfast is a protein shake every morning of mixed frozen berries, mega green powder, flax seed oil, liquid amino acids and whey protein. MMMM

Slumber party time! Rebecca walks out in a racy, see through nightgown that her grandma used to wear. (I hope a long, long time ago).

A woman shows up for a sex thing where she shows them lotions, gels, toys. Jackie says that Rebecca is on her team, and Rebecca says that she is on the fence. Zen tries on a very short nighty, and Jackie comments that she is seeing Zen in a whole new light. (Is Zen gonna be next?).

Uhm, Jackie and Rebecca go into the bathroom to rub some lotion on their unmentionables. Erika doesn’t know what’s going on between Jackie and Rebecca.


Zen and Gregg have an awkward talk about his court case. He won, most of the charges were dismissed, but he did get a hit for disturbing the peace.

Zen is performing at the Laugh Factory, and picks on the rest of our crew. As exciting as Zen’s performance was, all the trainers began to notice just how close Jackie and Rebecca are. Erika still doesn’t know what’s going on between Jackie and Rebecca.

After the show, the group goes to a Japanese restaurant. [Borderline HDA but not really] The trainers call Jackie and Rebecca out on what is going on between them and how they seem to be acting like girlfriends. Jesse leads the onslaught of questioning the two lady lovers. Jackie and Rebecca think it is a jealousy issue. Erika still doesn’t know what’s going on between Jackie and Rebecca.


Jackie and Rebecca have walked away from the table. Jackie didn’t realize that the rest of the group was going to flip out so hardcore. Their issue is largely that it would be unprofessional since Jackie is the boss.

Rebecca and Jackie start making out. Zen goes over and sees them, when they start going full on.



6 Responses to Work Out – Cycle 2 – Episode 3 – Recap – “What’s going on between Jackie and Rebecca?”

  1. Marie says:

    Jackie is the only one that can stop what is going on with Rebecca. Rebecca is a beautifull girl and sexy and I know how is this things. However, I suggest Jackie to stop before this goes to far. 1. Jackie, never get involve with co-workers, I am telling you for experience. 2. No matter what you do, the girl is getting involve with you, she is interested in you.. you are hot and sexy too and that’s make her crazy and you treat her sweet. That’s what have Rebecca crazy… The other Girl that you call and then arrive to the Restaurant and she kiss you in front of Rebecca.. She looks nice, but Rebecca looks much better than her..Rebecca has the perfect hight.. we both have same taste….
    Is the first time that I see the program (last night), I just arrive to LA from the Caribbean and I really like it. I really like your Gym.. How can I get the correct address…..


  2. Jen says:

    I think it is up to Jackie who she wishes to date. If it were an office corporate type situation I might agree that it’s unprofessional, and while she’s signing the paychecks….THOSE ARE REBECCA’S CLIENTS. Not Jackie’s. It’s a gym, and a whole different set of rules apply. Those trainers are dating each other AND thier clients, it’s such a loose environment and hard to understand until you’re part of a gym. So many MALE bosses sleep and date and even marry their employees. As a lesbian I feel that it shouldn’t be looked at any different..and again it’s not a corporate company.
    As far as Tiffany goes…it’s Jackie’s business. She obviously enjoys her company. As I don’t personally know Rebecca or Tiffany I coudn’t say who I’d choose, but being single is all about playing the field and figuring out where you’re headed, so kudos to Jackie. Being managamous for yrs and yrs and yrs eats at you, you gotta have some fun.

  3. dash says:

    I agree partially with what Jen says about this being portrayed differently b/c Jackie’s a lesbian and all – BUT this episode really highlighted her immaturity. She was pretty lame-o by the end acting like she had “no idea” why her trainers were acting that way . . . she needs a good labia licking or something because she’s acting like a fool.
    Sigh – Jesse was barely in this episode which was quite upsetting . . . but at least this time he had his shirt on. Actually his face makes up for anything else that might not be ideal b/c he is freakin C U T E.
    Oh Gross Out was that wierd tongue sex toy. Ew.

  4. fitfiend says:

    OMG, haha, that was pretty funny. Yeah, kind of weird that she acted like she didn’t understand why the other trainers would freak out over her dating Rebecca. I think it is hysterical how much Peeler rips on Jesse.

  5. Please!! says:

    Just saw this episode and completely disagree with Jen. Jackie’s conduct is unethical and emotionally risky. She is in a position of power and authority over Rebecca regardless of here sexual orientation. There was a time when it was ok for professors to date and bed their students and students were exploited and emotionally abused right and left. Jackie is extremely immature and her therapist does her no good by not challenging her. If current patterns hold why would she ever be in a healthy relationship?

  6. Eloisa says:

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