Humongous Fungus

“Humongous Fungus.” This is what one of my friends started calling me when I told him about this little problem I have. 

I have struggled with some degree of Athlete’s Foot for the last few years.  Sometimes, it can get pretty bad, and other times, I have cracked flaky skin on my feet that I don’t even notice.  I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.  It can get uncomfortable and look downright nasty, though. 

Athlete’s Foot goes with the territory of someone who sweats a lot and has to shower in locker rooms.  It is just one of those annoyances, like work out gear that you just can’t seem to get the rank out of, no matter how many times you wash.   Heck, it’s even less worse than the Ringworm I got that one time when, after swimming, I decided to use one of the stretching mats that was next to the pool 

This past winter, my Athlete’s Foot entered into this almost remission type phase.  Aside from working out, I guess my socks stayed pretty dry.  I didn’t hit the pool at all, so my barefootedness in wet environments was pretty much limited to running back to my gym locker, on my tippy toes, because, you know, I wouldn’t want to catch anything.  I do have a spot or two of notable cracked skin, but it doesn’t really itch. 

Once the weather gets warmer, it will be a completely different story.  Aside from the obvious, which is that my feet will be wet, festering bacteria magnet much more of the time, I wear these gnarly Birkenstocks that are a bacteria magnet themselves.  I envision full on red, cracked feet, that is, unless I take some action.

My main deterrent for Athlete’s Foot is pee.  Growing up, I had swimmer friends who would tell me about how they peed on their feet in the shower to help prevent/soothe their Athlete’s Foot.  I don’t make a regular habit of peeing in the shower (maybe I should), but whenever I start feeling my feet itch, you better believe that I pee all over them. 

Sometimes, this plan backfires, because I wait to go to the bathroom until I go shower.  Last week, after a spin class, I had to go really, really bad.  I ran to the showers, and the only stall available was the middle stall of a row of 5, one I normally stay away from because that is where the main drain is.  Unfortunately for me, the drain, in this little trough, was clogged, and was starting to overflow into my stall.  Now, to be clear, when I pee on my feet, I do it over the trough, so it’s not like it goes everywhere. 

This day, because of the clog, there was no way I was going to go; it would have overflowed all over the place.  What’s worse, as I was trying to hurry and finish showering before the entire backwash completely flooded my stall, I realized that if anyone in any of the other stalls also took a pee, which I guarantee at least one of them did, it was going to be all over my feet.  I still had to go, and I was showering standing in other people’s pee!  I guess someone else’s pee would have the same effect on my foot fungus, but still, that just crosses a line. 

In any case, aside from pee, I use sprays and creams, but only when I really feel the burn.  Someone recently sent me a new product, which I will test out and review in about a week. 


3 Responses to Humongous Fungus

  1. Jamie Smith says:

    OMG I Have The Exat Same Prblem But I Think Mine Is Way Worse I Evan Had To Have Surgery On My Right Foot!! Please Tell Me About That Cream You Used.

  2. fitfiend says:

    You are kidding! That sounds terrible. Anyway, I have been using this new Advanced Lamisil Gel; once a day at night. It has worked so far.

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