A fever I had to sweat out

During last week, after I had seen my strength gains, if you had asked me how I felt, I would have said great.  However, come Friday, my answer, my answer would have been, fluish.

What a terrible thing to happen, just when I had seen some progress.  Friday, I had planned to keep my momentum going with my back. It was not meant to be, as I came home early from work, passed out, and woke up with a fever and sore throat.  Part of me wanted to just take some Motrin and go.  Sanity kicked in, and I made myself stay in bed the rest of the day, forcing myself to drink water, and that’s pretty much it.

Saturday, I felt much better; at least I told myself I did.  After all, when I was competing as an athlete, there was more than one occasion that a coach had fibbed about the seriousness of a fever and I had gone out and played.  No big deal.

Anyway, my fever had come down, and I went about with my day like nothing was wrong.  I had eaten some soup, but just wasn’t feeling all that hungry.  I figured I would take a quick snooze before heading to workout; I intended to do a light workout.  1) I was still sick, 2) Since I wasn’t 100%, I didn’t want to lift because I wouldn’t have seen the gains I had seen during the week.

After I woke up, my temperature had risen a bit again to about 100F.  Should I, shouldn’t I go work out?  I said screw it, I got up, grabbed a (sugar-free) red bull, and went to the gym. The Saturday evening spin class isn’t too bad, so I did that.  I got in a good sweat, and, lo and behold, I felt great!  Released some endorphins, and fever was completely gone.  It was a fever that I just had to sweat out!

Obviously, I didn’t have the flu if I could hit the gym the second day into my sickness.  Still I was sick, and determined to force it to go away.  Definitely, the endorphins helped, and it wasn’t a super intense workout.  I did the same thing on Sunday, about 45 minutes of cardio that was not too intense for me. 

Before I go on, I should point out that working out when you are really sick is inconsiderate.  Forgetting about how I felt, if I had bee really ill and did have the flu, and still went to the gym, I could have infected other people.

Many people say that you can’t sweat a fever out.  I don’t know whether that is true or not.  It could be a mind over matter thing.  If you believe you feel ill, you will be ill, to some extent.  I think that is why my coaches wouldn’t be completely transparent the few times I really was sick and they convinced me I wasn’t.  In any case, this time, I really did have a fever that I had to sweat out.


2 Responses to A fever I had to sweat out

  1. riptide says:

    Just last week The same thing happened to me, but I had a cold. Actually raising your heart rate, and sweating if I remember correctly does cleanse your blood. With proper hydration and rest, you can get over a fever in 1-2 days.

  2. fitfiend says:

    Yeah dude, it totally worked!

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