Overcoming obstacles and making gains

One of the things I have been working on this past winter has been getting stronger.  Week after week, day after day, I would try to make sure that I would eat properly, get the right amount of rest, and do enough cardio that made me happy, but would still not take so much out of me that I couldn’t really get stronger.

Still, the gains felt kind of minimal.  I was building, but only adding maybe a few more pounds here or a few more reps there.  Nothing really concrete.  Take the overhead bar military press, for example.  I had reached a point where adding 25lb. plates on either side of the bar was my  heaviest, and I was just trying to add reps. 

Last week, all of a sudden, I was able to pump out 3 full sets with no problem using what had been my obstacle weight.  And not just with that, but also with squats.  I overcame my obstacle weight, to the point that I wasn’t just trying to build on reps, but I actually killed all my sets.

Aside from eating well and sleeping better, I definitely had cut back on the frequency of my heavy lifting days, something that I am normally reluctant to do.  This overtraining has been sort of a stumbling block, but I think, for now, I am over it.

So how did I feel after breaking those obstacle weights? Pretty damn amazing.  Any goal you ever set and achieve, small as it may be, is worth taking note of.  The little things will add to bigger things, and so on. 

Unfortunately, right after I hit those gains, and was super pumped about them, I caught the flu.  Guess I will be starting from a lower base this week. 


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