Working Out and Going Out


Going out at night is counter-intuitive for people who are trying to improve their fitness. Yes, you need fun, but it cuts into sleep time, gives you more hours to eat, (and eat late), and more likely than not, at least for the people who I know, the opportunity to slam the body with hundreds and hundreds of empty calories. Obviously, there is something to be said about balancing work and play, but still, these are some pretty clear impediments for those of us trying to achieve our next level of fitness.

Unfortunately, or however you may want to look at it, working out makes me want to go out.

Last night, I had a great workout. Killed my legs with some squats, and also hit some serious biceps/triceps. I ended with some abs, and then interval training on the Step Master Stair Mill thing (the rotating set of stairs). That interval training is pretty sick and is my favorite cardio thing to do right now because it kicks my ass the most, in so much less time. Of course, I probably look pretty foolish as I run up the Step Mill at full speed to spike my heart rate and then practically crawl to bring it back down, but whatever.

After hitting it hard for a few hours, I showered, and headed home. All I could think about doing on my way home on this Monday evening was to go out. I didn’t have any plans, and for crying out loud, it was Monday night! Going out to party on a Monday night is not exactly the most ideal way I can think of to kick off the work week. Yeah, it would be fun, but my mind/body would pay dearly until the weekend (tough during the weekend, my mind body would be paying anyway).

The endorphins that are released from working out just make me feel so good, that I want to go out and be with people and have fun. It really is like a drug, and is one of the reasons why I enjoy working out (like most of you as well, I am sure); working out is certainly not a chore for people like us.

Working out just makes you feel so good; aside from the endorphins, you know that you are doing something to improve yourself, which gives you confidence. It is no wonder that on any given Friday or Saturday late evening, you may find your gym packed. All the “body nazis” are there before they hit the bars and clubs. I would wager, more likely than not, the people who work out those nights before going out end up having a great night and probably have better overall “hit” results

Unfortunately for me, going out every night after I work out is not something is going to happen, ever (though I always wish I could!!). But, I will still work out to feel good, and hopefully, reap rewards of it on the weekends when I do go out.

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