Turn off your phone! (Group Fitness)

A few weeks ago, I was in a spin class, and this girl’s phone went off. Loudly enough for the normally Barbie-esque spin instructor to hear, and scream, “Turn your phone off!” I was pretty surprised by how venomous the reaction was, because the music in the class was already so loud, what was a little bit more noise? Of course, I hadn’t heard the phone go off since I was across the room. Still, I thought that spin instructor was kind of a b*tch for reacting like that.

Yesterday, I was in class, with a different instructor, on a bike next to a different girl who positioned her phone at the front of her bike. Sure enough, I saw the phone light up, and the girl jumped off of her bike and ran out. Two seconds later, she ran back in. Guess it wasn’t the phone call she was expecting. A few minutes later, the same thing, the phone lights up, she hops off of her bike, and runs out of the room. Of course, she comes back.

I shouldn’t really have even thought about it, but I was curious. I wondered, who was calling her and that it must be an important call. Then, I realized, I was just sitting there paying attention to what was going on next to me, and not what we were doing in class.

As I have mentioned before, in my “Is it rude?” posting, that of course, there are times when you are at the gym and you need to have your phone with you in case of emergency, work or otherwise. But if you are running in and out of class to take calls, you probably shouldn’t be in class in the first place.

I know, I shouldn’t let something external distract me like that; probably my fault. But still, focus is important in anything you do, even when you are working out, and fellow members should be considerate enough to have some standards of respect for each other, and that includes not bringing phones out on to the floor or into class.

That said, I have resisted the temptation to bring my phone out on the floor with me to text message as I had previously considered in my posting on “That Guy,” since I had just begun taking long breaks between sets. Also, I no longer think that the Barbie-esque spin instructor was out of line for screaming at the lady who had left her phone on loudly enough to be heard in class.


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