Work Out is back!

I must admit, that I watched Season 1 of “Work Out” on Bravo last fall. I am always a little embarrassed to admit it, but it turns out that most people I know, especially ones into fitness, also watched it.

What exactly is the show about? It is about Jackie Warner, the owner of Sky Sport and Spa in LA, and her travails in building her brand and gym, which seems to focus on one-on-one personal training. When I first heard about the show, I (naively) thought, oh sweet, I’ll probably see a reality show that really cuts into some serious fitness and personal training issues. Boy, was I wrong. The only thing that really stuck that I had never consciously thought about before was that one should never go grocery shopping when hungry.

Did I pick up any other workout related tips/ideas? Not really. Some of the episodes contained some emotional tales of weight loss from regular people (who I am surprised would be able to even afford personal training sessions at an upscale one-on-one personal training facility), and even some celebrities, like Jodie Watley.

Another theme involved the interactions between the Jackie and her trainers, and especially whether or not they were good enough to work for her. I do remember Jackie coming out on the floor to correct a trainer in the middle of a session with a client. I don’t remember exactly what it was, but I remember thinking something like, wow, 1) your “elite” trainers do not know how to show a client how to do a simple tricep pushdown?! And 2) you would actually go and point this out in front of someone who is probably paying a buttload a session.

Even though the show was soft on fitness, it certainly was heavy on drama. What ended up being the most entertaining part of the show was Jackie’s relationship with her girlfriend, Mimi. This is probably the thing that kept people coming back to watch; there was always the potential for some hot lesbian action, and always the certainty of glass shattering catfights!

According to the previews for Season 2, which is set to launch in March, Jackie and Mimi appear to be trying to work things out, and Jackie goes out and hires a new trainer, and trainers Rebecca and Peeler are still rebelling against Jackie’s law. Do I hope that they will delve deeper into the fitness aspect of the show? Undoubtedly. Do I think they will? Of course not, but hey, I’ll be watching.

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