Getting to the gym – There is no option


I’ve written in detail before about how motivated I am about working out (see my “Discipline” post), whether it is going to the gym or running/cycling/swimming. When I had a traditional work schedule, I would go in the early morning, and, when I say early, I mean early because I worked Latin America market hours. (Thank god I belong to a gym that is open 24 hours a day) I would put in a 10-12 hour workday, and hit the gym again or go running outside. No sweat.

Now, I have more flexibility in the day, and choose to go work out for a few hours at one shot, partially because NYC is so damned cold these days.

Like clockwork, I usually get to the gym around 4 or 5, and stay there until about 7 or 8 every day. Yesterday, though, I had a momentary lapse, and really had to struggle to get there. That lapse really led me to question myself as to why I needed to go. I mean, I am in pretty good shape, what would one day matter? I was tired and I hadn’t had a great day, and I was just thinking about how easy it would be to just throw in the towel and stay in my warm apartment. Fortunately, I convinced myself that I had no option in the matter.

Physically speaking, if anything, maybe my body might have liked the rest. But, mentally, doing nothing would have just triggered more future excuses to sit on my butt when I really should be running or lifting or whatever. Momentum is very important for me.

Lots of people ask me for advice on how to stay motivated. Really, it is just something you have to tell yourself that you have to do. Don’t make excuses, and do think of it as something your body absolutely needs, just like eating or drinking or sleeping. It is one of those things in life where there is no optionality. Obviously, goal setting is an important factor in this. Right now, my goal has been to slap on a few more pounds of muscle and keep getting stronger. I have almost reached this, and pretty soon, I hope to get into a leaning down phase that will merit a lot of cardio. Hopefully the weather will help me out in this department.


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