Sex and Working Out

We all know that working out helps your sex life. You look better, feel better, and you have more stamina and strength to do, shall we say, more interesting things.

But, does more sex hinder your physical prowess? Mike Tyson was 37-0 when he lost to “Buster” Douglas in 1990, which was considered a pretty major upset at the time. I remember hearing that one of the possible reasons for the upset was that he indulged in a little nookie just before the fight, sapping him of his energy and aggression.

A long standing belief in sports has been that athletes should abstain from any type of sexual activity to keep themselves primed, aggressive, and ready to tear someone’s head off (I know I am ready to do this if it has been a while). However, is this physical or mental? By abstaining from sex, am I really going to have some great workouts and see the physical improvements I desire? Obviously, I would never even think of doing that, but I am curious.

In sports, lots of coaches do not even necessarily believe that it is the lack of energy or release from sex that reduces testosterone levels, which increases aggression, but rather, that the time thinking about it and trying to get it causes lack of sleep, which ultimately leads to poorer performance.

In fact, not having sex for a long enough time probably reduces testosterone, which would make for a pretty good reason to go out and get laid before a competition, or even a workout. Besides, ever notice that whenever you are getting it, you want it more and more (even if you are not getting it, you want it, but it is a little bit different).

So, anything that naturally leads to increased testosterone levels must be good for working out. If I get some before I hit the gym, are my workouts going to result in T’rone filled, head ripping lifting sessions, or will I just have no energy? Not being a scientist, I can’t say for sure, but I will definitely be experimenting. Also, if I get all turned on, that has got to be beneficial for my workouts and a pretty good reason to keep surfing internet porn!


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