Discipline, or lack thereof

I have a lot of discipline when it comes to working out. Part of the battle with maintaining a fitness lifestyle is the discipline to get up and hit the gym or pavement or water, each and every day. It is not something you have to think about, you just do it. Ha, I remember watching Kiana’s Flex Appeal (anyone remember that? Is it still on?) when I was in middle school/high school (It was for the exercises, I swear), and she said you just get up and go, without thinking about it. That is what I do now, and that is how I maintain the level of discipline that people who are not into fitness do not understand.

When I get up, I imbibe some caffeine, make it to the gym. Later in the day, when and if it is time for round two, I don’t think about it; just make it back or to the park, weather permitting, so there is not even a question that I may lose motivation.

I spent a year at this intensive academic program with mostly people who did not subscribe to any serious fitness lifestyle. I felt like an outcast for making sure I was either strength training or running through a forest every day. And yeah, those are the people who thought I was crazy and didn’t know why I put in the effort. Trying to explain to them that it had to do with improving myself physically and mentally was fruitless, so I just did my thing and let them think what they wanted.

Anyway, another part of fitness discipline comes from food, and I am having trouble maintaining any sort of discipline in terms of my eating habits. I had been quite good for some time, until the holiday season rolled around. Before the holidays, it was limiting portions, and eating leafy greens, lean meats, whole grains…never complex carbs too late in the evening. After the holidays, when I had permitted myself to enjoy good, unhealthy food, I have not been able to get back on the sensible eating horse.

I still mainly eat whole grains still, but I’ll eat whole grain pasta, bowls of it, late at night. I don’t even bother to make salads anymore because it is easier to just order out. The other day, I decided to see how many chicken nuggets I could eat from McDonalds, now that the 6 piece is on the dollar menu. (I can’t remember the last time I ate food from there).

Part of me feels that I work out enough to justify eating whatever I want. But, I know to achieve a greater level of fitness, I can’t do that. I still need fuel, just the right fuel. It will take a lot of self motivation to get back “on the wagon” in terms of healthy foods in the right portion sizes.

Does anyone have any advice as to how I can regain/maintain a sense of discipline in terms of eating? Thanks!


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