Etiquette (amendment)

First, let me amend my prior post about etiquette, in which I may have implied that all people who leave plates on machines are meatheads. That is hardly true. People lifting very little weight also do the same thing. Really pisses me off.

This evening, I went to the gym to bust out some hack squats, incline leg presses, and regular squats. I was amazed at how EVERY single machine/rack had weights on them, even though nobody was using them. In between sets, I would sit and observe how people would use things and just leave weight plates on them. It is such an annoying and inconsiderate thing to do. I saw what at first I thought was this father-son duo (sidebar, at first I was like, that is pretty cool that a dad and his son are lifting together, then I realized, uhm, they were not father-son but something else) doing squats. They kept increasing the plates, then poof, they left the rack, with all the plates on the bar. As I was muttering to myself about how much I hate people, the guy on the machine next to me walked away, leaving all of his plates on. WTF is wrong with people.

I had like 14 plates on the incline leg press, and I removed each one of them. I probably look like the idiot for doing the considerate thing.

Oh well, I’m probably gonna get in a fight with someone over this one of these days. I wanted to today, but I channeled my anger into my squats, so it worked out in the end.


4 Responses to Etiquette (amendment)

  1. sihunt says:

    Always keep you energyfor you self, then you can stay positive. I think the people in your gym have not been told then moving the plates on and off IS part of the work out. Its progressive, the stronger you get the more plates you have to move and the stronger you get… simple – even a meathead can understand that!

  2. FitFiend says:

    There are signs up, and it is common sense. Although, it totally also is part of the workout, I agree!

  3. droyd says:

    Do yourself a big favour and don’t let others control your ‘state’ while you’re in the gym.
    Plates on a bar, the guy that smells, someone didn’t towel off a bench….
    All externals that can either flow right past you or they can become a mindsuck.
    Keep yourself on point, remember why you dragged yourself out of bed at oh-dark thirty and get it done in under one hour.
    And without being rude, avoid becoming a social butterfly.
    BTW- I get the sense that you may be working toward conflicting goals- two hour hard core spin classes are contraindicated if bulking is your primary objective.
    BTW- I am a veteran trainer with 25 yrs experience and also live in NYC. in fact if you’ve ever been in a facility on Lafayette anytime since 1990 or so, chances are you might have seen me with clients.
    Luck and Peace.

  4. fitfiend says:

    Not worried about becoming a social butterfly. And, use the removing other people’s plates for them as part of my workout, so it’s all good.

    I don’t go in the mornings much anymore; I am guessing that is when you train.

    No more bulking for me!

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