That Guy

I hate that guy. You know, that guy (or girl) at the gym who just smells really awful because he/she wears the same workout clothes everyday. Or worse, that guy who sits there yap yap yapping on his cell phone on the gym floor. I understand that some people might have important calls, and really do need their phones with them on the floor. But still, do you really need to be chatting about what happened when you went out last night?

One time, I saw a guy who was yapping so much on his phone. He proceeded to place the phone between his shoulder and his ear, holding it like that, then began to do tricep pushdowns. All the while, yap yap yapping. Just yesterday, I was running on the treadmill, and this chick is sprinting next to me, and she starts chatting on her cell phone. I doubt that the person on the other end could understand her; I certainly couldn’t.

Lately, as part of my strength training, I have been trying to take longer breaks between sets. This means, I have at least about 3 minutes; almost an entire song on my IPOD. 3 minutes to kill. I am really trying to fight the urge to bring my phone out on the gym floor with me, but I fear that I will turn into “that guy.” Sigh. Besides, I’ve already been that smelly guy.


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