File under WTF (continued) aka Tampon Tuesday

So, I stumbled upon this after checking out Planet Fitness’ website:

Planet Fitness Spokesperson says profanity, threatening, intimidating behavior are the reasons for expulsion, not grunting – “Free Tampon Tuesday” and other misogynistic comments on the Bob Rivers Radio Show by Al Argibay and his attorney are the stimulus for an official statement.

Dover, NH (PRWEB) November 22, 2006 — Planet Fitness today issued an official statement in response to “The Gym Grunter” Albert Argibay. “Mr. Argibay’s description of what occurred is inaccurate. Continued allegations about the actions of the Planet Fitness manager are fabrications of the event as it occurred and as it was witnessed by other gym patrons,” said Dave Lakhani, spokesman for Planet Fitness. Further, “Mr. Argibay and his attorney’s sophomoric and insulting treatment of people who are trying to get in shape in an environment that is supportive and judgment free is unacceptable in this day and age.”

We feel that these kind of sophomoric comments and insults are inappropriate and indicative of the unacceptable behavior which lead to the termination of his membership.

Lakhani continued: “Mr. Agribay was asked to stop his excessively loud ‘grunting and screaming’ as he squatted weight, by the fitness center manager Carol Palazzolo who was giving a family a tour of the fitness center. Mr. Argibay’s response was ‘I’m a bodybuilder and I’ll grunt if I want to’, when asked again to stop the loud noise, Mr. Argibay responded ‘You are a f******g B*tch, I’m not going to stop” (shouting in a loud aggressive manner, causing other gym members to approach, telling the manager that they were worried about her safety). According to the Planet Fitness Manager involved, Carol Palazzolo, Mr. Argibay was asked to move to the front counter. Mr. Argibay continued to shout and use profanity and identified himself as a corrections officer. When told by Palazzolo that if his intimidating behavior continued that the police would be called, he said ‘My f*****g boss is the Captain of the police force.’ At that time the fitness center manager contacted local authorities. When police arrived, Mr. Argibay had retired to the men’s locker room at which point and after walking through the fitness facility, the police encountered him near the front desk, where he was asked to give his full name by the manager, so that his membership could be terminated and all billing stopped. Mr. Argibay refused to give his name saying to the manager, “I’m not going to make it easy for you.” The police gave him direction to give his name at which time he complied. At that point his membership was cancelled.

From a business standpoint, I question the rationale behind responding so publicly. It sure wouldn’t make me feel okay about belonging to or joining this gym. But hey, with over 120 locations, they must be doing something right. Again, I’ll stick to Crunch.


One Response to File under WTF (continued) aka Tampon Tuesday

  1. Mr. Lowe says:

    I wouldn’t work out someplace that obviously has a total lack of respect for the blood and guts of the fitness industry. Body builder Like Arnold and Lou and the Weider built the fitness industry…and there was a lot of sweat and grunts involved in building the physiques that helped build this industry. Not only that apparently their trainers don’t understand the difference between “aerobic” and “anaerobic”… If and activity is aerobic then it requires oxygen in the conversion of glucose into ATP, when an activity is anaerobic it doesn’t require oxygen to breakdown glucose to make ATP…This is why when we are lift near maximal poundages we have the natural tendancy to hold our breath through the heaviest exertion and breath afterward…physiologically speaking this is a no brainer…sorry I was at the top of my anatomy physiology class…seems these so called trainers would do well to at least get a basic knowledge of how the body actually works…lol Hey maybe when your only goal is to fleece soccer moms, its not important to actually know anything…as long at the appearance is there…lol What a joke Planet Fit”less”….lmao…”GRUUUUUNT”

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