Last night, I got caught. Probably sounds stupid for the non fitness person, but for someone like me, it does matter and it is also the reason why I have been gym hopping more than normal lately. Friday morning, I had a bench press session scheduled with my trainer. He had told me to do nothing the day before to ensure that I was energized and pumped to make some gains when we did chest.

Did I listen? Course not. In fact, I lifted back on Thursday morning (trainer wasn’t there), then went back in the evening to do a spin class. After spin, I wanted to lift calves, innocuous enough, or so I figured. Trainer was there in the evening, and he saw me, so I went over to say hi. I explained that I was only doing calves, and that I had done some “light” cardio (a boldfaced lie). He said okay, then looked at his Blackberry to check our next meeting.

Upon seeing that we were set for 7:15am the next day, and for bench press no less, he began to freak out on me. Sigh, exactly the reason why I normally avoid him on days I do not work out with him. He even told me he wouldn’t have checked his Friday schedule, but since I came over to talk to him, he did. He basically made me leave the gym, and I couldn’t finish my calf workout.

And, I had to make sure that I did well with the bench press this morning or risk getting an “I told you so.” I did do okay with chest, made some strength gains for sure. After we finished, I busted out some shoulders, and finished working out the calves!

No doubt that I will be back later today, gotta hit some arms and cardio.


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