One of my pet peeves at the gym is when people leave plates on machines when they are finished with them. I remember seeing this one old guy, in incredible shape for his age, and at the gym every morning for four hours or so, using the incline leg press. He was putting up 5 plates on each side, or 450 lbs. After finishing his sets, he walked away from the machine, leaving all of the plates there. What a douchebag, right?

One day, I wasn’t in a great mood, and to make matters worse, I was doing a set of upper body exercises on some machines that some meathead was also using. I wasn’t directly behind him, but in general, we were both working out chest. The douchebag left all of his plates on every single machine he hit.

A little peeved, I moved over to some leg machines; hack squat and incline leg press. After finishing up with the machines, I left a few plates on them, not all of the plates, but a few. Go figure, I was still in the area and see one girl simultaneously go to each of the machines, a look of dismay on their faces as they had to remove the big plates to put on their girlie weights. I felt terrible…not terrible enough to go back over to help them, though.

Since then, I make sure I remove everything. Heck, sometimes, when I see plates on a machine I’m not even using, I take the plates off. I think that will even things out, karmically speaking.

Oh, tomorrow I am back with my trainer; plan is to work out back. He told me not to do anything this weekend. Of course I didn’t listen, but I did take Saturday off. Sunday morning, I snuck into the gym, didn’t see him and sighed with relief. I had wanted to do bench press, even though he cites that as one of the reasons why my squat day was so bad. Anyway, I was doing some cardio, and of course he shows up. No other trainer was there on Sunday morning, but mine was. As long as tomorrow goes okay with back, he won’t give me crap.

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