My neck, my back, lick my…

A few days ago, I decided to do the chest/shoulder workout that my trainer has reprogrammed me to do. I had nobody to spot me on the bench, and I hadn’t done that workout in a few days because of the holidays, so I went for an increase in reps instead or weight. That went fine, nothing spectacular. I hit about 6 sets, including a warm-up of 10 reps at 95. I progressed, maxing 155.

After that, I wanted to attack the standing military press since I did not need a spotter. I did a warm up set of 10 with the 45 lb bar. Added 20 pounds, did another set of 10. Now, normally, with my trainer, we do not even really go for much of a weight increase. This is usually one of the last exercises we do for this workout, but I was hitting it second. Fine, so I added another 10 pounds to either side, bringing it up to 85. I see people at the gym who do not look substantially more fit than me putting up a good 30 pounds or so more, so of course I was gonna do this. First set, 6 reps. Second set, 7 reps. Third set, I hit 7 reps, and was straining to do one more. I strained too much, and bam, a spasm in my upper back/lower neck area. The bar came down, and I had to lay on my back, and could not move until the spasm subsided. When it did, I could barely turn my head in either direction; it felt like I had whiplash and was wearing a neck brace, I had that little range of motion.

I massaged my neck and sat down for a good 15 minutes. This was only my second exercise for the day. I had been away from the gym, and had intended on putting in at least a good 2 hour workout. So that is exactly what I did. What a stupid, irresponsible thing to do. I felt tough for having gutted out the workout, even making sure that I was going for strength through weight increases on the rest of my workout.

Idiot. I got home, and laid on my couch the rest of the day. A friend of mine was in the country from Spain, and I could not even go meet him because I couldn’t move. Thought about cancelling my training session the following day. I didn’t. When I got to the gym, and he saw how I could barely move, he cancelled it. Sigh. I left but did a spin class later that night. Will I ever learn?


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