Overtraining (or obsessed)

Okay, so I am gonna have to take two with this. I embarked on this journey to get stronger with my trainer around Thanksgiving. I have definitely gotten stronger and learned a bunch of new exercises. Also, I have stopped overtraining, which I believe really has contributed to my gains.

One of the mantras that my trainer has taught me is “fight to not go to the gym.” How incredibly odd. Before I left to live in France for a year, I would workout multiple times during the day. Normally, I would lift and do cardio in the mornings before work, then would do at least more cardio, and sometimes more lifting after work. I would hit the gym like that every day, and maybe take one day a week off.
I never saw any real gains when I was working out like that.

Of course, my objective then, was to get bigger. Obviously, if I do that much cardio (sometimes up to 8 miles of running a day, every day), it would be impossible to get bigger. Now, though, I have been learning to “fight” to stay away from the gym, though it is a struggle. One of the things that has made it easier has been wanting to avoid my trainer…I don’t want to get shit from him for seeing me at the gym too much. Sometimes, though, I just go to a different gym.

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