Ok, so I have been slacking with posts, which is no good since I just started this. Anyway, Monday workout: killer chest/shoulders with my trainer. Superset with straight up barbell bench press and bridge/core/chest work with two swiss balls. After about 4-5 sets each of those, with max of 2 45lb. plates for the bench press, moved on to shoulders. I could barely raise my arms over my head. We moved on to more core and abs stuff (he loves the core!). I had warmed up about 30 minutes with cardio before the workout, and was tired from the weekend so I did not do any more.

My trainer advised me against doing much more outside of our workouts. I.e, light cardio on days in between, and that is all, for the sake of having enough energy for my strength training. I do see the point, especially on days we meet, but days in between!?! With my recent lack of gym motivation, it wasn’t too hard to fight back against his words of advice.

On Tuesday, only did light cardio and a little bicep/tricep. I guess I am still recovering from the past weekend. Pretty disappointing workout. Wednesday was much better. Warmed up for 20 minutes, the worked out with the trainer. We did lots of squats, then more core/abs. We were working on standing with one foot and balancing on a medicine ball…pretty amusing, but it feels great to actually get it. Kind of feel like a circus freak! Unfortunately, did not make it back for a second workout, hence I feel super lazy. My workouts with the trainer are intense, but I still feel like I could be putting in more time. Blah.

So, eating-wise, I guess I have been better. Probably not enough greens, but, only grains I have had have been whole grains, and only early in the day. Also, started putting the protein powder back in my morning coffee. Your stomach needs to be used to this, trust me, or it is no fun! Also, I made a huge pot of beef vegetable soup. Just ground beef, tomatoes, carrots, celery, and cabbage. It was dinner last night, and so far is all I have eaten today (and two pieces of whole grain toast in the morning).


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