The last few days I have spent in London, and did absolutely no working out, except for walking around the city. A fair bit of walking, but really, my body is missing some intense working out.

Eating-wise, it certainly could have been worse, in that I didn’t completely gorge myself the entire time, but what I ate was not what I should normally have. I made an exception for this weekend.

Friday morning, I ate part of a croissant on the plane; I needed something. Then, a few chips as part of my friend’s market research for his snack company. A few more chips in the evening before we headed out to dinner, where I ate lobster tail for an appetizer, turkey with vegetables, and then dessert, a chocolate fondant with sorbet. Aside from dessert, I don’t think that was all that bad, though, there were a few glasses of wine and a few mixed drinks in there as well. Oh yeah, when we got back to the apartment after our night out, we ate fried cheese…

Saturday morning, we went to Borough Market, an unbelievable outdoor food market. While there, are ate a lamb burger and a chorizo sandwich. So good! But not so good for me, given the grease and bread. Drank a coffee a few hours later (I requested non-milk, though I suspect that they didn’t listen to me. I also suspect that when I order Jack and diet cokes, they are really giving me fat coke). Our dinner was somewhat small, as my friend’s roommate cooked for all of us. A few dumplings, some pita bread, and some stir-fried beef. Pretty damn good, though. Went clubbing for some friend’s bday parties, so of course, there was plenty of liquor involved. The end of the night, though, brought on the worst degeneration of food monitoring, ever. It started with the sharma, which was pretty good and worth the wait in line. However, we then moved on to fried chicken and French fries. I feel super guilty about that today. Of course, this didn’t show when I ate two pieces of chocolate cake for brunch. It was for my bday, so I really do not feel guilty about the cake.

Now I am at the airport, and will probably eat some crap airplane food. Tonight, I hope I can muster enough will power to just grab a salad somewhere, drink a lot of water, and be ready to kick some ass tomorrow. I have been slacking big time lately, in spite of signing on with a trainer. I really need to focus on foods while I improve my strength. I know I say that my goal is to get stronger, because I always take fat loss as a given. However, it is not happening, and I know that I need to step it up with cardio and watch what I am eating.


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