Making up for yesterday (part II)

So far, today, I stuck to my normal routine of a triple/quadruple espresso shot for breakfast with a Detour bar. Then, hit the gym by about 8:30. Jumped rope for about 10 minutes (okay 5), then jogged for 20 minutes before meeting my trainer. Kicked my ass with back exercise today…he asked me how much I weighed and I said 155, which I guess is my normal weight, though when I weighed myself afterwards, I was at 158 (gasp). I normally hover between 152-158, though I hardly ever get up this high. As always, since I have not been doing enough cardio and have been eating like crap, I am convinced that this is bad weight. We’ll see…I know I need to feed the fiend but I have to be slightly (read much) more disciplined.

After working out with trainer, I stretched and did some abs…Not truly inspired, not sure why I am being so lazy when I workout without trainer. I think the cutback in cardio definitely has something to do with it. I need to get my ass to more spin classes; I think that will help me get back into cardio gear.
Now I am drinking a grande iced mocha, non fat no whip and Splenda. There is chocolate syrup in there, though, and it’s like 5 bucks. Oh well.

For lunch, I will try to get a salad and then finish the burger I have leftover from dinner last night. I don’t think I will make it back to the gym for a second cardio workout, blah.

Yeah, yeah, dinner ha turned out to be a nightmare. No cardio either…Where has my willpower gone? Gorgonzola cheese and wheat thins, and Subway. No wonder my stomach hates me! And trust me, it shows…

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