Making up for yesterday (part I)

Ok, so my inaugural post was really weak, and I didn’t even post yesterday. Truth be told, I was a little bit hung over yesterday, so my workout and day pretty much sucked. I’ll start from the top.

Got my ass out of bed relatively early (6:30am), but spent a few hours drinking coffee, catching up on the markets, and just generally putzing around (I do a lot of that). Aside from my morning coffee, which has turned into this triple/quadruple espresso shot drink, I ate a S’mores Detour bar. I always use Splenda and skim milk in my coffee. Guess it’s not too bad for pre-workout?

Anyway, so yesterday I did biceps and triceps. I ended up doing 4 exercises for each, supersetting them, (alternating one bicep set with one tricep set). Finally, it came out to 12 sets of bis and 12 sets of tris. That is 3 sets of each exercise. Normally, I do 6 and 6, but, well, I was hungover. Very little cardio in the morning, just wasn’t feeling it. James Iha was there; have a few Smashing Pumpkins songs on my playlist for running.

Was famished afterwards, so I grabbed a chicken with cheddar and bacon club sandwich from Starbucks, and some Odwalla lime rasp-cranberry juice. That was pure sugar, and I felt guilty, but I really didn’t need another coffee…
A few hours later, was still starving so I grabbed a Papaya dog hot dog. Met up with a friend and had a hot chocolate. (Wow, I sure ate like crap yesterday…but it gets even worse!). Went back to the gym, this time to repent and do some cardio. Ran for about 15 minutes, then switched to the cross trainer…pretty weak, but at least I got a good sweat in.

Again, I was famished, and I wanted so badly to have a good, healthy dinner. Original plan was to get Better Burger (which I know isn’t great, but it would have been some quality protein). Instead, I ordered 10 hot wings and a burger with waffle fries from Atomic Wings. OOPS! I only went with abusive for the wings, and my mouth is actually watering just thinking about them…hot sauce has that Pavlovian effect on me. I managed to keep myself from eating the whole burger…It all tasted pretty damn good though!

Needless to say, the food I ate on Tuesday was pretty bad…I was dehydrated from all the salt, even though I felt I must have drank at least 4 liters of water. Anyway, let’s see if I can do any better in the coming days…Heading to London for the weekend, so magic eight ball says outlook not good…


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  1. FitFiend

    Training often and training hard. The FitFiend….

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